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Article by:
Doug Adams

Posted on:
April 18, 2012

Are You Breaking Rules?

How do you hire? I must confess there was a time I really didn’t know how to verbalize how I hired. I knew that I tended to look for potential more than experience. The problem was, I frustrated myself and recruiters looking to fill my subordinate roles because I was in a – I’ll know it when I see it position with regards to candidates.

That was until I read “First, Break All the Rules,” written by the same folks from Gallup that published the popular “Strengths Finder.”

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Article by:
Jamie Rugh

Posted on:
April 16, 2012

Seeking a Counteroffer: Bonus or Misstep?

In my next two blogs, I want to take a look at counteroffers from both the employee and manager perspective. So as an employee, or a candidate for a new job… you may look at a counteroffer as a 100% upside proposition, right? You may get more money, more power, more perks… but regardless you have an offer in your pocket, so you’re going to leverage that. You may not really be looking to leave, but merely using a potential new employer as a bargaining tool to get your current employer to pay you more. Be very careful.

Typically, seeking and accepting a counteroffer is really just the first step in rapid deterioration of an employee/manager relationship.

Impartially, recruiters (me included) encourage you to stay clear of counteroffers. But why?

Let’s look at a hypothetical example…

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