Six Facts You May Not Know about Willory

On our sixth anniversary, here are six facts you may not know about Willory.

  1. Will+Mallory=Willory

People often wonder where the name came from, it’s one of our most asked questions. The name actually is an amalgamation of the founder’s children, Will and Mallory. It’s a commitment that each and every client, candidate, and person we interact with is unique.

  1. Virtual work environment

Our website says we’re located in Bath, Ohio… but in reality we have numerous locations as the entire organization works virtually.

  1. We do not process payroll

Our company offers payroll services when it comes to analyzing payroll procedures and providing payroll staff. We do not process payroll.

  1. Perfect Attendance

From 2013-2015, John achieved perfect attendance to Cleveland APA. Sadly, John’s perfect attendance ended in 2016 was when he attended HR Tech instead.

  1. Shark Tank

In 2015, we had our own Shark Tank, which yielded a multitude of ideas from our team. Two of them have gone on to become Willory staples. Willory Wellness is an internal email that goes out monthly and includes recipes and fitness tips. Our Willory Training allows us to provide education to the HR and payroll communities.

  1. Focus on Partners

Willory is here today because of the people and organizations we work with. We’ve found that by forming relationships with like-minded companies we can provide our resources to a wider audience.



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