Headshot of John Bernatovicz Willory founder and president, wearing a blue shirt

John Bernatovicz

Founder and President

John founded Willory in 2010 and named the firm from inspiration from his wife, Emily.  Willory is a portmanteau word inspired by combing the names of their two children, Will …

Headshot of Holly Hall Willory project manager, wearing a blue shirt

Holly Hall

Director of Consulting

Holly serves as Willory’s Director of Consulting, overseeing our  Employee Life Cycle practice, a position she has held since 2015, and HCM Systems practice.  She manages a variety of HR-related …

Headshot of Christine Peters Willory HR operations manager and consultant

Christine Peters

Director of People Operations

Christine joined Willory in March 2015, providing operational and analytical support to the Willory team, and also supporting its rapidly growing consulting business. In February 2019, she took on the …

Headshot of Bridgette Klein, Willory marketing manager, wearing a blue shirt

Bridgette Klein

Director of Marketing

Bridgette Klein serves as Willory’s director of marketing. She’s been a part of the Willory team since September 2014 and is focused on the strategic marketing efforts of Willory while …

Headshot of Katherine Edgar, Willory accounting associate, wearing a black shirt

Katherine Edgar


Katherine joined Willory in April 2017 as an Accounting Associate and was promoted to Controller in January 2020. Her role provides her with the opportunity to perform general bookkeeping, payroll, …

Headshot of Bob Haas Willory sales manager, wearing a suit

Bob Haas

Sales Manager

When your corporation is in need to fill positions with respected, skilled and dynamic candidates, Bob is your guide. His desire to become a professional recruiter began when he was …

Brady Bonifas

Sales Manager

Brady joined the Willory team in January 2019 as our Columbus-based sales manager to assist with Willory’s geographic expansion into Central Ohio. His roles and responsibilities include understanding the needs …

Headshot of Lisa Mamula Willory director of client relations

Lisa (Dean) Mamula

Client Relations Manager

Lisa joined Willory as part of the firm’s acquisition of the staffing division of The Human Resource Department, Inc. (THRD), over the years she’s had a multitude of roles. Lisa …

Headshot of Philip Major Willory client relations manager, wearing a blue shirt

Philip Major

Client Relations Manager

Philip Major joined Willory in 2018 as a Client Relations Manager covering both the staffing and consultative service offerings. On the staffing side, he works with clients to fill direct …

Headshot of Jamie Myers, Willory staffing manager, wearing a blue shirt

Jamie (Rugh) Myers

Staffing Manager

Jamie joined Willory in 2011 as employee #2. Jamie has had the pleasure to work within various departments at Willory. Starting in marketing and business development, moving to client relations …

Headshot of Laura Maike, Willory staffing manager

Laura Maike

Staffing Manager and Consultant

Laura Maike joined the Willory team in December 2012 as Willory’s Staffing Associate and in January 2018 was promoted to Staffing Manager and Consultant. She supports the team by working …

Headshot of Cristi Hornick, Willory staffing manager, wearing a pink shirt

Cristi Hornick

Staffing Manager

Joining the Willory team in August 2018, Cristi’s roles and responsibilities are focused on ensuring the best candidate experience by having deep knowledge of our open job openings and the …

Headshot of Tammy Mueller, Willory consultant, wearing a pink shirt

Tammy (Merda) Mueller


Tammy joined Willory in 2016, acting as an expert temporary resource for clients and as an HR operations consultant. In her internal role, Tammy works on a wide variety of …

Tammy Downey


Tammy Downey joined the Willory team as a Consultant in 2015. She provides Willory’s consulting clients with top-notch HR and payroll services, including project management, systems implementation services, and business …

Headshot of Cristina Scarlatelli, Willory HR associate, wearing a blue shirt

Cristina Scarlatelli

HR Associate

Cristina joined Willory in January 2016. As HR Associate, she provides human resources and systems administrative support to the team, additionally Cristina plays a role in many of the various …

Headshot of Karen Pupo, Willory office associate, wearing a black shirt

Karen Pupo

Office Associate

Karen joined Willory in March 2018. As the Office Associate, she provides administration of general office duties and support to the management team.  Additionally, Karen supports data clean up initiatives, …

Headshot of Scott Drazdik, Willory marketing associate

Scott Drazdik

Marketing Associate

Scott joined Willory in April of 2018 as our Marketing Associate. Scott has a strong passion for marketing and assists in daily efforts to build Willory’s digital presence and business …

Doug Adams

Agency of Record

Doug is a proven marketing professional with nearly 20 years experience developing and fostering brands from the ground floor to national prominence. Doug’s background includes running The Think Agency.  A …

Larry Pliskin

Legal Counsel

Larry is an accomplished corporate lawyer, with a strong business acumen.  He is widely regarded as “customer focused” and a “business partner.” Larry was born and raised in central Ohio …