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Headshot of Bob Haas Willory sales manager, wearing a suit


Sales Manager

When your corporation is in need to fill positions with respected, skilled and dynamic candidates, Bob is your guide. His desire to become a professional recruiter began when he was fresh out of College from Kent State University, where he received his Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management and Marketing. Following his college internships with Centsible Water and Willory, Bob’s aspirations were confirmed. He was determined to work hard at becoming the best recruiter he could possibly be.

“Selfless” is a one word description of Bob.  To Bob, success is defined as seeing other people prosper and achieve their own objectives.  He spends his work days researching and coming up with the best candidates for our clients, all while helping candidates make life-changing decisions.  Candidates look up to Bob as their own personal employment confidante.

Whether Bob is networking for Willory or finding small ways to improve his relationship with his family and / or wife, Natasha.  Bob is a competitive sort, which serves his clients well. Growing up with two brothers and participating in numerous outdoor activities including golf and snowboarding probably had a hand in that.

EMAIL: bob@willory.com

A Few Thoughts from Bob

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about doing activities that make me a better person. Whether it’s networking or continued education for my career, or finding ways to better my relationships with friends and family members, I strive to always become a better person and learn from the past.

What makes you tick?
Being successful. Success gets me excited to start each day and do my best at accomplishing any challenges that lie ahead.

What does a good day look like for you?
On the weekend a good day usually depends on how much of the to-do list gets accomplished. During the week a good day depends on my success at work, eating healthy throughout the day and getting to the gym, and quality time spent with loved ones.