DisruptHR…HR is much more than parties

Last Thursday the majority of the Willory team headed to The Flats (Downtown Cleveland) for the third installment of the incredibly popular DisruptHRCle. The evening was full of drinks, disruption, and some daring word choices.

You see, at DisruptHRCle a bunch of HR pros get together and rip the current state of HR apart. It’s a no-holds barred session full of optimism for change and pessimism for what people experience right now. I should have known that it was going to be unlike any other HR event I’ve ever attended by not only the titles of the presentations, but by the joke Lauren Rudman shared to get the evening started.

Kris Dunn of Fistful of Talent and HR Capitalist kicked off the evening with F bombs, making fun of Cleveland sports, lies, and using assessments. He really opened up the crowd and allowed us to take the rest of the night to look at HR in a whole new perspective.

I was incredibly surprised about how many of the presentations dealt with technology. Prior to the event I thought the tech and social media presentations would cast a negative light on two subjects I love, however, I was very quickly proven wrong. As opposed to writing down everything I saw during the event,  I’d rather share what people were saying on social media. This is just a very small snippet of the conversation. To read what everyone was saying, head on over to Twitter and search for #DisruptHRcle. It’s a wealth of pictures and quotes.

Mike Wise put together this great video recap of the night and what others had to say about the event.

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page to see John lose his shirt and throw footballs…all in the name of promoting Willory.


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  1. Truly a great event. Kudo’s to you all at Willory for crushing it on the hashtag. Glad for the disrupt format. Just what the industry needs. HR can definitely exert more influence in the org. This is their moment. #HCM and #digitalbiz is their ticket.

    1. Thanks, Mike! I think the DisruptHR format really turns the perception of HR on its head. It’s not about blindly following rules and regulations, but about really engaging with the people. Relationship building is why I love social media, so this really spoke to me.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience at DisruptHR Cleveland!

    I think you nailed what the DisruptHR events are all about with “The evening was full of drinks, disruption, and some daring word choices.” 🙂

    Thanks also to Willory for sponsoring the event!

    1. Haha, thanks! It’s a great event to be an attendee and Willory loves sponsoring Disrupt. In case you couldn’t tell, we’re all about challenging the status quo when it makes sense.

  3. Unfortunately, far too many HR and legal departments have gone the opposite direction and are focusing far more on risk avoidance than anything else. We are a software company that hires a lot of very bright, very motivated and very … um … demanding employees.

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