Employee Life Cycle (ELC) management is a crucial function of the organization as a whole and its HR department. It’s how we manage our most valuable asset: employees.

Willory’s Employee Life Cycle offerings investigate and analyze your entire HR and payroll operations, from application to retirement. It’s a checkup that everyone can benefit from, examining gaps and opportunities to improve.

Engagements typically start with our proprietary audit, reviews policies and procedures for compliance and best practices, and creates the foundations for organization-wide transformation.

By beginning with the job application process and tackling everything in between (good and bad), Willory’s consulting services have been developed to ensure your compliance and efficiencies. No matter how professional and “buttoned-up” your HR and payroll processes and departments are, you can benefit from the risk avoidance and process improvements that Willory’s expertise can deliver.

Employee Life Cycle Service Offerings

HR and/or Payroll Audits

Most organizations are stretched too thin to take a deep dive to truly understand what they are doing efficiently and the shortcomings of their current practices. The Willory team helps to review the client’s current state, provide best practices, and benchmarking to transform their organization. From an extensive discovery process, our team develops a roadmap for the future.

Human resources and payroll audits involve taking an intensely objective look at operational effectiveness, regulation compliance, preparations to meet potential challenges, how to instill a sense of confidence in management functions, and maintain/enhance organizational reputations.

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Policy and Procedure Review

Your organization’s policies and procedures should establish and maintain consistent practices that provide acceptable norms of behavior, promote healthy workplaces, and professional relationships.

Willory’s HR and payroll experts help you develop clear written policies and procedures to provide guidelines to employees regarding their rights and responsibilities. Willory’s consulting team helps develop and review handbooks, policy manuals, and process documentation.

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Willory’s Transformational Services

Too many HR and payroll departments are set up as independent islands unto themselves. Willory’s consulting team is adept and changing, or transforming these functions to align with your organization’s strategic goals.  We’re making these functions more valuable and more integral to the business as a whole, ensuring HR and payroll are helping not hindering the success of your organization. Transforming your HR and payroll functions can feel as if a disruption with out-of-the-box thinking, but it’s ultimately a chance to better serve the organization.

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Additional Employee Life Cycle Services

  • Recruiting analysis to evaluate employee attraction and retention
  • Risk assessment and remedy to protect your organization
  • A thorough analysis and assessment of job activities