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  • FIve New Year's Resolutions for HR and Payroll Professionals

    It is a new year and you know what that means, time for resolutions. For those in HR and payroll this can be the most hectic time of year, especially for those experiencing seasonal employee fluctuations, year-end payroll, or an implementation. So perhaps, the beginning of the year isn’t the best time to start off…but that’s the great thing about resolutions, you can start them any time. Resolutions should stretch you, but also be achievable. The following do just that, allowing you to grow as an individual and professional in 2019.

  • Employee Highlight: Lisa Mamula

    "Pay it forward and take the time to help someone else in their career.  I’ve been very fortunate to have had accomplished managers that mentored and developed me early in my career.  I can honestly say the lessons they taught me then still ring true in my everyday work today. "

    Welcome to our series about what makes Willory truly unique: our team. Without the people on the Willory team we would not be                                                       recognized as one of the top workplaces in Northeast Ohio and have                                             grown so significantly in the last eight years.

  • Employee Highlight: Philip Major

    "I have learned that it’s not a bad idea to make a change in your career if you feel stagnant. Another lesson I’ve learned is that it’s a good thing to enjoy the people you work with. Finally, even more important than enjoying the people you work with is being open to learn from them. "

    Welcome to our series about what makes Willory truly unique: our team. Without the people on the Willory team we would not be recognized as one of the top workplaces in Northeast Ohio and have grown so significantly in the last eight years.

  • The Dos and Don’ts of HR Networking

    Whether you’re looking now or have plans to look for a payroll or HR position… someday… networking is the best way to be considered as HR positions come open. Ever hear the phrase “It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.”? Of course, you still need the skills to land your next HR position, but being a known commodity is often a differentiator between hired and not.

    Networking can also help you meet people that can mentor you and maybe even acquire new skills! But how do you even get started – the advice to “network more” is a bit hollow without knowing the questions to ask yourself as well as where to find the answers.

    SHRM, APA and other industry events are important, but look to expand your attendance beyond these organizations. Alumni events, meetups for people with other interests, and gatherings you find on places like LinkedIn can all be the key to advancing your career. They can even help land your next payroll or HR opportunity.

    Before you go to a networking event, make sure you have reachable goals to make meaningful connections. You may choose to do some research to find out who will be at an event to pre-select who you’d like to meet. Taking this one step further, find out whether an existing contact can make an introduction either ahead of time or at the event. Here’s our quick list of some other do’s (and don’ts) of networking…

  • Bossman Highlight: John Bernatovicz


    "What separates Willory from other firms is the competence and experience of our people, the systematic process we use to help our clients solve problems and transform their business, and our high service orientation to our clients, consultants, candidates and team members"

    Welcome to this weeks special edition of our highlight series. Not only is it Willory's 8th year anniversary but also a special birthday. Let's give it up for our founder and president, John Bernatovicz. Thanks to his vision we have grown so significantly in the last eight years and have been recognized as one of the top workplaces in Northeast Ohio. 

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