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  • The Dreaded “Tell Me About Yourself” Question

    I was interviewing people the past few weeks and the most uncomfortable part – for me and them – was the dreaded opening question. Oh, I tried to vary it up, but it was basically the same question most ask… “Tell me about yourself.” As a side note, my colleague does a better job with this and positions it as “Tell me something about you I wouldn’t learn on your resume.  

  • Put your accomplishments in context

    When was the last time you put context behind your words in your resume or interview? Of course, the words you say or write have meaning, but the measurable results and/or change increase in importance when you add context.  And too often it’s left for the interviewer to interpret the context.  If you want to land that HR or payroll position the single biggest mistake people, make sure when it comes to sharing their accomplishments is providing results without context. Saying that you found a savings 15 percent by improving HR and payroll processes without noting the market conditions or goals doesn’t say much.

  • Name Dropping to Get Ahead in your Job Search

    Name dropping gets a bad rap as it’s often used to cash in on a person’s associations to advance one’s own position. The worst “offenders” drop names of people they barely know as a close ally when in reality the relationship may be best characterized as “casual acquaintances.”

  • Feedback isn't your enemy

    Interviews are stressful. They are nerve-wracking experiences that can knock us off our equilibrium and prevent us from showing ourselves in the best light possible. It’s a stressful situation, combining your nervous feelings and with an environment designed to judge can – simply put – cripple interviewees to the point that they’re unable to present themselves as who they really are.

    It doesn’t happen regularly and surely not as often as it should, but once in a blue moon the interviewer will provide critical feedback after the interview. Accepting feedback is not always comfortable or easy to hear, but strive to take it as it’s intended – as a sincere offer to help you better yourself. The interviewer isn’t trying to be malicious. They are trying to share crucial information with you that can impact (and help) you in the future.


    With 500 million users, chances are you have a professional profile on LinkedIn.  But are you utilizing the site to its full potential? Whether you’re looking for work or wanting to build your network, ignoring LinkedIn could mean missed opportunities. According to LinkedIn’s latest report2, over 75% of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn to inform their career decision.  From a recruiting standpoint, people who follow your company on LinkedIn are 81 % more likely to respond to your InMail than those who do not. So, how can HR & payroll professionals the most out of the social platform?

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