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  • 10 things employees hate about you

    Fortunately, chances are slim you will experience an employee reading you a list of 10 things they hate about you or your organization. But just because you aren’t in one of the greatest 90s teen dramas, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about how you’re turning off top performers. It’s hard to keep good people. It’s also easy to irritate people. As an HR professional, you know irritated and discontent people are more likely to move on. So how do we keep our best employees happy?  It starts with respecting them enough not to make them unhappy.  

  • 5 Signs it’s Time to Break Up with Your HR Technology


  • 7 Steps for a Highly Effective HR Audit

    You’ve decided that it’s time… you need to take the important step of auditing functions within your HR department. So what now? It takes time, discipline, and the objective human resources to conduct a thorough audit and it starts with understanding your objectives. Do you want to do a full-audit of all HR functions or be more specific?  No matter what the extend of your audit is, reviewing the current state is a necessary first step. As an HR consultant with expertise in the field of HR audits, I have found there are seven defined steps to follow to achieve a successful audit.

  • Our HR & Payroll Predictions for 2018

    Every year we like to take the time to look into our imaginary crystal ball and try to predict what is going to be big in HR and payroll in 2018. Like many others, we have expert knowledge in HR and payroll, but we are absolutely not clairvoyant. As a team we’ve come together to present these five predictions for HR & payroll in 2018.

  • The Obligatory Year-End Blog

    Today is the last day before Willory officially closes for Christmas and while our offices are open Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday next week, I’m taking the time to spend with family and celebrate some personal milestones including my 20th wedding anniversary and my daughter’s birthday. This year (our seventh) was a great year for Willory and we’re excited that we have an incredibly strong foundation to continue to serve our clients with the utmost in HR & payroll staffing and consulting services in 2018.