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Willory has an abundance of HR & Payroll professionals to match your needs, your culture, and your team goals.

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Willory's consulting practice is rooted in a unique understanding our clients’ needs. We help you achieve more as an extension of your team and change agent.

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  • Employee Highlight: Brady Bonifas

    "Willory has methodically given me the tools to be successful since my first day. Because of this, I have never once felt overwhelmed or lost. If there is a topic or information that I don’t understand, my colleagues have taught me to pause, take a step back, and ask more questions to better understand the concept."


    Welcome to our series about what makes Willory truly unique: our team. Without the people on the Willory team we would not be recognized as one of the top workplaces in Northeast Ohio and have grown so significantly in the last eight years.

    Get to know Willory's Sales Manager, Brady Bonifas through his own words. If Brady's words resonate with you and you want to join #TeamWillory, check out our Why Willory? page.

  • Relationship building with your HCM vendor partner

    Due to Willory’s work  in the HCM market place we often get asked how to create an effective relationship with an HCM vendor partner. At Willory we work with optimizing our clients' current HCM technology, helping them select a new HCM technology through our vendor selection process, and implementing the new HCM technology that is selected.

  • Core HR and Additional Modules: What's more important?

    Implementing a new HCM system is a challenging and exciting endeavor for HR and payroll professionals. Too often we have found that the project team tends to focus on the HCM solution vendor selection and core implementation. 

  • Uni-tasking: Focusing on Less to Do More

    I am a recovering multi-tasker. That’s right. I spent the first nine years of my career in New York, in an industry where multi-tasking was a highly sought-out skill. And I was incredibly proud of my multi-tasking abilities.
    I said “yes” to every request, jumped from task to task, and worked all hours to meet deadlines. I was incredibly busy but questionably productive.

  • The Challenges of Drug Tests in an Age of Opioids and Legal Marijuana

    It’s become more difficult in a competitive, job-seeker market to find qualified candidates. Introduce additional factors like drug tests and legal medical or recreational marijuana, and HR’s task of hiring just became an even higher mountain to climb.