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  • Employee Highlight: Karen Pupo

    "Willory is very supportive of my development and provides the time, ongoing training, as well as other tools and resources to be successful. I love the variety of responsibilities in my role and being able to grow."

    Welcome to our series about what makes Willory truly unique: our team. Without the people on the Willory team we would not be recognized as one of the top workplaces in Northeast Ohio and have grown so significantly in the last eight years.

    Get to know Willory's Office Associate, Karen Pupo, through her own words. If Karen's words resonate with you and you want to join #TeamWillory, check out our Why Willory? page.

  • OK Boomer, But Why Don’t You Allow a Flexible Work Schedule?

    [Outraged by the title? Scroll to the bottom of this article for an explanation from a Millennial about the usage of “Ok Boomer.” Just know i Don't Mean it as attacking a generation, but a way of thinking]

    For me, scheduling and flexibility are everything. When I applied to Willory, I knew I was pregnant with my first (and only) child. I wasn’t applying everywhere, but the sense of family expressed on the website, and the opportunities to work remotely and on a flexible schedule were too good to pass up. However, I also knew I’d miss some of the in-person relationships, so I was ecstatic to find out there were regular opportunities to get together. The sense of community with our team and in-person guidance means a lot to me. I can emphatically say it has significantly helped me with my development in my role at Willory.

  • How to Break up with your HR Tech Vendor

    Not too long ago, our consultant and internal HR Christine Peters wrote a blog titled 5 Signs it’s Time to Break up with your HR Technology. It’s never an easy decision to have to move on to a new system, but once you make that decision, how do you properly go about converting? Here’s some advice on what the transition from one HCM system to another should look like and how to properly make that move (while optimizing your data and leveraging your new technology).  

  • Supporting Employees Through Life Changes

    We all have numerous things outside of the workplace that greatly impact our lives. I wanted to share a topic that is near and dear to my heart: supporting your employees through life changes.  

    Earlier this year, my mom, unfortunately, passed away. I was deeply touched by how the entire Willory team supported me through this difficult time. They showed many kind comments and thoughts with my family and supported me while I had to attend to affairs on my family's behalf. 

  • HR Like a Boss headed to Pittsburgh

    Next week I'm headed out to The 'Burgh to present "HR Like a Boss" at the 2019 PHRA Annual Conference & Exhibition on October 22 (and the conference continues on October 23). The 71st event, put on by PHRA, is focused on boosting your professional and personal potential. I'm excited for the chance to meet talented HR professionals as well as reconnect with clients, candidates, and friends in the area.