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  • Goodbye Gold Watches, Hello "Now" Incentives

    Young professionals are less likely to stay at their jobs for decades as did generations before them. According to ERC and Crain’s Cleveland’s 2017 Workplace Practices Survey, 50% of companies polled said their biggest challenges revolve around hiring and retaining talent while at the same time 27% say their greatest strength is their employees. 2

  • Are You a Passionate HR Professional?

    As the region’s leading HR staffing and consulting firm we not only look for the best and most passionate HR professionals to place with our clients; we want to work with those professionals on improving their workplaces.  So, what does a passionate HR professional look like and why should you even care? Typically, the best professionals are enthusiastic about what they do with an infectious energy that makes their coworkers want to be better.  As HR professionals, you’re often setting the tone for the entire organization. Realize that your actions – and even more so inaction – have a significant impact on the culture and strategy of your organization.

    Do you share the following traits? We’ve found that the most passionate and successful HR professionals possess these traits. Ask yourself if you possess these skills to be the best HR professional possible.

  • Professional Attitudes in hr and payroll

    Yesterday we presented our initial research findings from our first quarter survey of HR and payroll professionals. More than half (54%) surveyed expressed optimism as they say their industry is growing.

  • Your Opinion (About the Future) Counts!

    Recently Willory conducted a survey to try and receive some feedback from our own network of professionals to gauge the HR and payroll industries. We wanted to get professionals’ takes on where the current state of affairs in HR and payroll as well as explore what the future may hold.

  • The Mentor-Mentee Relationship Reaps Rewards for Both Parties

    As we journey along our payroll or HR career path we are encouraged to find a mentor – someone to be both a “consigliere” and advisor.  This seasoned individual is someone who has been through many of the challenges younger HR and payroll professionals find themselves faced with.  Don’t forget to consider how much a younger mentee can teach an HR professional some new tricks.  Whether you would be the mentor or mentee, there’s lot to gain in a professional mentoring relationship for both parties.  Mentors can learn about new trends, technology, etc. while they assist with the valuable advice commonly associated with mentorship. And while they are at it, mentors can help mentees careers soar.