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  • Accountability, is it an essential part of your culture?

    As the owner-leader for Willory, accountability has been an area of focus for me, and it’s been inspiring to see how our team members have flourished since creating more structure. I firmly believe that by implementing a culture of accountability, organizations can see improved employee satisfaction and tangible business results. It’s been a tremendous journey for Willory as we develop our people with these practices.

  • Employee Highlight: Bridgette Klein

    "During my interviews, I remember John talking about how important it was to get each new hire right to protect the Willory team. It didn’t take long for me to realize Willory was something special."


    Welcome to our series about what makes Willory truly unique: our team. Without the people on the Willory team we would not be recognized as one of the top workplaces in Northeast Ohio and have grown so significantly in the last eight years.

    Get to know Willory's Marketing Manager, Bridgette Klein through her own words. If Bridgette's words resonate with you and you want to join #TeamWillory, check out our Why Willory? page.

  • Five For Five: Thank you!


  • Five for Five: From our First to Most Recent Hire

    From the inception of Willory, one of the main goals of the firm is to provide excellent employee culture.  

    I was curious about if the first employee and our most recent hire would have a different perspective on what the win means.  

    I interviewed Willory’s first employee, Bob Haas, and our most recent hire, Brady Bonifas, to share their experiences and see how Willory has grown over the years. Interestingly enough they are both Sales Managers with sons named Beau/Bo 

  • Five for FIve: Our Managers

    It means a great deal to our leadership team to be once-again named to the NorthCoast 99, a list for top companies in Northeast Ohio. Over the last year, we’ve worked hard as a team to guide our organization as it grows, while working with each team member to achieve their goals. The award means something a bit different to each manager and we wanted to share our perspectives.