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Fully Unlock Your HR & Payroll Technology

Leveraging HCM technology is necessary to be able to scale your HR & payroll function and deliver high-quality service to your employees. Yet many companies never realize the full ROI on their tech investment. If you are having issues with your HR Technology, our team is comprised of passionate problem solvers dedicated to finding you a solution. Whether your system isn’t working as you’d expect, or if you want to use more of its features, or if you want to make sure you have a clean start with a new system, let us be your guide.

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HR & Payroll Technology

Data Conversion & Validation

We have all heard the expression “garbage in, garbage out”, and this is particularly true with HR & Payroll systems. Yet data conversion is one of the most time-consuming and complicated aspects of implementing a new system, and often corners are cut to meet pressing deadlines. Bringing in a technical consultant to aid in this process helps make sure the data you bring into your new environment is clean, complete, and valid, while you focus on learning the new system and designing it for your new future state.

HCM Systems Implementation

You don’t know what you don’t know about implementation, which is why having someone on your side through your HCM implementation makes you xx% more likely to have a successful and on-time go-live. Our technology consultants are there to lend you their experience and expertise – whether it’s with PM support or technical knowledge. To help you know what questions to ask. To be an advocate for you with the vendor and to help keep your team accountable to critical deadlines. We are there with you every step of the way!

When people think of HR technology, they typically think about the following acronyms:

  • HRIS: Human Resources Information System
  • HCM: Human Capital Management.
  • HRMS: Human Resources Management Systems

And others simply refer to it as HR technology. While the acronyms might lead to confusion, at the core of the conversation are systems designed to meet HR’s unique business needs. These systems combine cloud-based technology with databases, algorithms, and other elements to create a software as a service (SAAS) to help HR professionals handle their workforce management needs.

If your organization hasn’t revisited your HCM system in the past few years, or if you’ve never had one and have more than 50 employees, you’re probably ready for a new HCM, whether you have the resources to implement or not.

That’s where we come in – not only can we provide the support to implement an HCM system – but we map your business’s drivers and strategic goals to the HCM solution. Trust Willory to oversee and handle your HCM system implementation as our team has unmatched technical expertise, a proven process, and the HR know-how to make sure the implementation goes smoothly, on-time and on-budget.

Whether you say HRIS, HCM, HRMS, or HR technology, the system you choose should be able to help assist with:

  • Absence management
  • Recruiting
  • Training and development
  • Compensation management
  • Workflows
  • Benefits administration
  • Onboarding
  • Analytics
  • And often, payroll processing

Most people consider HRIS the most “basic” option in that it focuses on managing people, processes, and policies. Some consider HCM the most extensive and others consider HRMS systems to have more solutions. To determine which HR technology solution is right for you it’s imperative to have an understanding of your HR and business needs. Sometimes this means the solution that is best for your company is the one you already have, it just needs optimization.

Stabilization & Optimization

Our HCM Stabilization and Optimization services work together to help our clients optimize their HR/Payroll technology. We identify and address pain points, evaluate critical areas such as data integrity and security, provide solutions and best practices, and prioritize and execute a plan to implement changes. Our technical consultants can also help develop process documents and system governance procedures to ensure the system stays up to date. Optimization services include leveraging additional modules, custom reports and dashboards, and best practices for ongoing release management and feature rollout to maximize the client’s investment in their HCM system.

Project and Change Management

Once core systems are activated, we work alongside your team to implement additional modules and understand reporting capabilities to ensure you’re getting the most from your system and achieving desired functionality.


We serve as a partner to ensure a return on your technology investment. We act as a project manager to create organization-wide buy-in to meet strategic goals and ensure project goals are met.

HCM systems are complex ecosystems of HR, payroll, and other workforce management tools and resources. When optimizing HR technology, the Willory team helps analyze your firm’s systems and manages the steps necessary to achieve your desired state. Optimization projects typically include:

  • A thorough and in-depth mapping of your current systems.
  • Review of the your organization’s current and future needs.
  • Recommendations for remediation and improvement for current system module optimization
  • Coordination with the vendor to determine full capabilities and next steps
  • Comprehensive project management to gain a greater return on your HR technology investment
  • Mapping of future state projects
  • Determination if it’s time to find a new HCM system vendor and beginning the process to find a new technology. HCM systems are costly and if your company does not have a system that is optimized it could be costing not only time and confusion but a significant amount of money. If our analysis determines that your current system is not the ideal fit, then we can provide an extensive vendor selection process to ensure the most ideal system is selected for implementation.

HCM Implementation - The Willory Process


Discovery and analysis of your business and its processes to understand how an HCM system will best fit.


Development and configuration of a plan and process (and codes) for the HCM to work with the business’s other systems.


Migration of data from legacy systems to the new HCM, properly and thoroughly mapping for success.


Testing to validate that the earnings, deductions, and job codes as well as benefit plans and payroll are all working and that each system is working flawlessly.

Go Live

Deployment, reporting setup, and ongoing support. Willory is available for additional phases or simply to answer your questions. Count on Willory’s help post “go-live.”

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