What's in your Stack?

At the April 12 Cleveland SHRM HR Tech SIG, Tim Sackett introduced the idea of an HR tech stack to many in attendance. An HR tech stack is all the technology platforms you use to conduct your HR business. It includes the platforms you use to do everything from onboarding to time/attendance to learning management to performance – it even includes payroll.
All this talk about stacks got us thinking…what are our friends in Northeast Ohio using? Are they sticking with one all-encompassing system or are they using a variety of systems?
With over 20,000 HR technology vendors out there it can be incredibly overwhelming to select, implement, and optimize your systems. That’s where Willory comes in. We can help you cut through the clutter and through proven proprietary practices, we can help you select the best partner fit and ensure your tech stack is aligned with your HR and organization goals.
By answering the questions below and scheduling a time to talk about how to improve your tech stack (or referring us to another company that needs the help), you’ll be entered to win Cleveland Cavaliers tickets.

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