Keep Yourself Sharp,Looking or Not

shrpnIt’s easy to settle in to a position and put it on cruise control.  You have a great job, you are happy, and/or life circumstances dictate you are sticking with this position for the foreseeable future.  Well just because you haven’t started looking or even placed a stake in the ground for when you will start looking doesn’t mean you should be complacent.  Here are a few things that you, as an HR/payroll professional, should be doing to keep you and your skills sharp for when the time comes.

Update Your Resume
It does not matter if you don’t plan on looking for a new job, the exercise is critical to the big picture.  By putting on paper what your role is, and how it fits in with the rest of your CV, you are able to clearly see areas that will need improving before you actually strike out for a new HR or payroll opportunity.  And while the market seems to be getting stronger every day – everyone is susceptible to the unexpected job loss, even in HR and payroll in Ohio.

Grow Your Skillset
You probably know where you need help within your HR or payroll background.  But have you considered supplementary skills and those you will need when it is time to take the next step?  Leadership, presentation and communication skills, and the ability to speak in front of a group are all important skills.  Find ways within work or other organizations to supplement your HR and payroll skills.

Work On Your Weaknesses
It’s a must within the HR and payroll world to not only keep growing, but to shore up your weaknesses.  Find a mentor – an HR or payroll professional who can shoot it to you straight with regards to where your weaknesses are and how to overcome them.  If it’s your boss, they may even put you on projects to help you improve faster.

Another aspect of working on your weaknesses with your HR or payroll position is to take a look at what fills your days, and what always slips.  It is human nature to do what we like before we get to the roles we consider more difficult or drudgery.  Make a list of things that slip and start your day with these tasks.  It might not be fun, but you will be making yourself a better HR/payroll professional.

If you work on all of these you will be ready for when the “time is right” or when an HR/payroll opportunity presents itself.


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