Make Your Resume Count (to Six)

stopwatchCount to six.  One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand… and when you get to six, that’s it. Six seconds is how long, on average, a recruiter will look at your resume. This is not according to some sort of sick tracking system we at Willory have on our computers, but rather a national study among recruiters conducted by The Ladders.

Six seconds is how long you have to make an impression to get to the next step.  Because make no mistake, your resume exists to not only serve as an overview of your background, but serve as a tool to land the interview.

With a limited time to make an impression, make every one of those six seconds count, our advice would be to get your resume professionally written.

Beyond taking yourself out of “humble” mode and putting yourself in the hands of a professional who will tout your achievements, a resume writer can capitalize on your limited attention.

Resume writers are adept at not only using the right words to capture attention, but also putting in your resume in a format that will separate yourself from the competition.  And that is all a resume needs to do – get you in the door for an interview.

All of us at Willory have seen resumes that are poorly written and an unorganized mess that – like it or not – tends to disqualify candidates.  Your resume is a representation of who you are.  Just like the saying “you are what you eat,” your resume is the same.  Don’t include the junk food of resumes like misspellings, poor job descriptions, a lack of accomplishments spelled out, and an unreadable format.

There are a lot of places you can get resume writing assistance online, including Willory’s own career center, located at


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