New Years Resolutions to Advance your HR and/or Payroll Career

Tomorrow night you’re going to do it. You’ll set your New Year’s resolutions to go to the gym, eat healthier, be nicer to that annoying neighbor or decide life is too short to be a Browns fan.  But ultimately, these resolutions rarely stick. Why?  because your heart isn’t into it.  Here’s a resolution you can actually get behind – make 2017 a year when you advance your HR/payroll career.

Dress for Success 
Cliches are sometimes cliches because they are true.  Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. If you want to be taken seriously in the workplace you should take your wardrobe seriously. No one is saying it needs to be red-carpet-worthy… but lose the t-shirts and jeans. If your office have dress-down days, or if every day is a dress-down day, take notice of what your manager(s) wears. management feeling confident you’re ready to become a part of their team.

Don’t be a Wallflower
Speak up in meetings. Be prepared to contribute more while demonstrating poise and ease with facing challenges. And if you find yourself at the printer or in the elevator with senior leadership, introduce yourself, look the individual in the eye and shake their hand. This will pave the way for you getting remembered and noticed in the future.

Take Initiative 
Look for ways you can contribute to the organization in ways that are both on your HR/payroll job description and in areas that are not.  One way to do this is to lead a project task force or even a cross-functional team within your organization.  You’re in a great spot as an HR and/or payroll position to take charge!

Make Your Aspirations Clear 
Find a mentor or work with your HR/payroll manager and make it clear what you’d like to achieve in 2017.  Ask for the tasks/accomplishments you will need to achieve to be eligible for the next career opportunity.

Get Connected with Willory
Whether you’re seriously looking or just open to hearing about that dream job, make sure the team at Willory has your latest/updated resume so you’re considered when the time comes that we receive the HR/payroll position perfect for you!


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