Willory’s HR and payroll audits follow a well-de­fined, time-tested process to prepare your organization to transform and improve your HR and/or payroll services. By taking stock with Willory’s assessment, your organizational objectives and business needs will link directly to your HR and payroll systems.

Willory’s proprietary audit methodology provides an objective third party, in-depth analysis of your HR and payroll functions.

We develop a roadmap from “what is” to “what could be.”

Willory’s HR Audit

We look at the entire process of the employee life cycle: from application to retirement. It takes a deep dive into a business and makes sure HR systems and compliance is in place. It is recommended that organizations run an HR assessment annually to identify areas for efficiencies, improvement, and compliance.

An HR audit begins with uncovering the employment life cycle – recruitment, hiring/selection, onboarding, benefits, payroll, termination, and retirement. The audit your organization receives includes a summary of what you are currently doing, but most importantly recommendations on where to close gaps and make improvements based on best practices.

Willory’s ​Payroll Audit

We include extensive analysis and discovery into processes and compliance issues. With employment regulations always being updated and changing, it is a must for any organization to conduct a payroll audit at least once a year to ensure processes and systems are configured correctly. Payroll audit examine payroll’s transaction life cycle and the payroll process as a whole, uncovering areas of concern and providing recommendations.

For HR and payroll audit, Willory brings your organization a team of experts with decades of experience in both disciplines. Our custom, proven processes and resources help us with our iterative analysis and assessment. Too often audits fall by the wayside or are done in a cursory manner because organizations don’t have resources with the time to dedicate to these processes. Willory can help ensure you get on the right track – and stay there.