Success comes down to the smallest details when dealing with changes to your company’s infrastructure. With so much conversation around the HR/payroll technology landscape, it has become vast and overwhelming. Business process transformation, big data, SaaS, the Cloud, in-house, outsourced – so where does an organization begin?

We help you sort it all out, ensuring your organization’s future state aligns to your business strategy and supports growth. Change is inevitable. We can help you embrace it and harness the massive opportunity.


Our Methodology

  • Expertise in HR/Payroll technology marketplace brings significant benefits to our clients.
  • Relationships with technology solution providers keep our extensive knowledge current in their strengths, weaknesses and best practices.
  • Continuous research, in combination with these relationships, provides the basis for our deep insights of what is available and what is upcoming in the technology space.
  • Knowledge and experience ensure our approach will be direct and efficient, positively impacting total cost of ownership.

How We Do It

  • Proven delivery model bridges the gap and clearly identifies the work needed for successful selection and implementation.
  • Extensive discovery yields the business problems to be solved, current state of processes, the ideal state of future system capabilities and forecast needs for future growth, along with the roadmap to process transformation that will ensure complete system utilization after deployment.
  • Additional key support factors include change management strategy, training and post go-live support.

Optimization and Under-Utilization

  • Optimization strategy drives each project, whether within a unified system or best-of-breed approach.
  • Integration built within the HR/payroll solutions and across other solution applications – CRM, ERP, financial package, benefit providers, etc.
  • Optimization strategic approach can be applied to system under-utilization for solution applications that have been implemented where functionality is not being fully realized.

Partner Management

  • Vendors who provide service for in-house and outsourced capabilities are viewed as partners because successful projects and outcomes require a deeper relationship.
  • Strong partner relationship-building and reciprocal accountability result in a collaborative partner management approach that brings project teams together to support the optimization strategy and successful deployment.

Payroll Accounting and Reporting

  • Key project stakeholders include HR/Payroll, Finance/Accounting and IT teams.
  • Project plans include all stakeholders from day one to promote connectivity, collaboration, designed solutions and workflow with a cross-functional approach ensures outcomes align to payroll, accounting, reconciliation, actuals, forecasts and reporting needs.

Security Protocols and Financial Controls

  • Proper security protocol management within HR/payroll systems for all administrators and users within self-service portals.
  • Security protocols built based on company’s organization structure and system workflow optimization are diligently followed when determining user access and activity creating financial controls with audit trails.
  • Complex security access configuration in multi-tiered organizations with rigorous testing to protect against breach.

Informed, Non-biased

  • Willory’s expertise and strong marketplace relationships ensure that our clients receive the right solution provider recommendations based on functionality, budget and cultural fit.
  • Our consultative, open approach results in complete transparency with the added benefit of our years of marketplace experience.
  • Our consulting practice is compensated for its services by its clients. We do not accept commission, incentives or any form of remuneration from partners/providers