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Beyond specializing in HR and payroll positions ,  Willory is different in numerous ways from a typical recruiter.  We invest time in fostering relationships with our candidates. We want to make sure that we’re doing much more than checking boxes that candidate X has skills a, b, and c.  Our goal is to bring a hiring company the RIGHT talent rather than throwing a bunch of candidates at them and hoping one sticks.


I have had the most impressive experience with Willory than with any other staffing agency. I'm not just saying that. Each of the team members that assisted me made me feel like family - literally. I'm not just saying that either. I'll be leaving my Willory assignment in a few short weeks but I will be back. I've already referred Willory to everyone I talk to that is looking for work within Willory's specialty. 

Raine A.

Willory Staff Augmentation Candidate

"You're just not just a resume; you're a person to Willory. They care about you with your background and where you come from. The Willory team is honest, hard-working, and cares immensely about both the employers and candidates."

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Mary H., Payroll Manager

Longtime Willory Client and Placed Candidate

"The service provided was top notch and any required follow up was professionally addressed. I look forward to working with Willory again in the future."

J.S., HR Professional

Willory Candidate

“It was immediately clear to me that Willory, a specialist rather than a generalist, understood the role they were looking to help fill, and what a candidate would need to be successful in the role.

Throughout the entire process, from the initial call to salary negotiations, Willory was great to work with – their communication with me was excellent as they helped make sure I was able to accurately present who I was, and what I had to offer. The best part? They found me a position that really met what I wanted.”

Angelica K., HR Professional

Willory Placed Candidate

“I appreciate the trust levels you can build with Willory. You can be completely open and honest. It’s more than you can have with any recruiter that does not know the space… or know and care about their candidates.

During the process, the preparation provided by Willory was excellent. They prepared me to help ensure that the conversations I had with the hiring company focused on my talents, experience, and how I can add value. Willory helped prepare me in a way that I have never had from a recruiter.”

Sally Y., HRIS/HR Technology Professional

Willory Placed Candidate and Consultant

“A lot of recruiters are typically focused on getting their quota for interviews more so than finding the right fit for candidate and company. With other recruiters, you get a call and a few questions before they ask if they can submit your resume. With Willory, they take the time to get to know you and understand if this position is right for you in terms of interest, career path, and culture. While Willory is trying to make a successful match, other recruiters are simply ‘checking the box,’ figuring if they throw enough candidates at a company, one of them will work out. Willory knows the ins and outs of each job, so they know who they should present to the hiring company.

They really care about their candidates – they go above and beyond. It feels like I’ve created a long-term partner and friend that will be there for me throughout my career.”

Sara M., HRIS/HR Technology Professional

Willory Placed Candidate


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Services Used: HR Technology Consulting

“We knew we needed help to make the right decision for long term and we needed it from an expert who knows these systems.”

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Services Used: HR Technology Consulting

“As a partner I know Willory will always deliver on their word and exceed our expectations as we strive to deliver the organization world-class payroll services.”

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Services Used: Search, Staff Augmentation, HR Technology Consulting, and HR Consulting

Within just 24 hours Willory’s Team provided Amy with 3 resumes, and within a couple of days Amy found the right candidate for Chart’s immediate need. Because of the successful placement of the temporary role, Amy turned to Willory to assist with Chart’s long term needs. Amy described Willory’s Process of finding talent as “ridiculously quick.

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