More than the typical recruiters and consultants, we're a group of individuals passionate about understanding client's business needs and providing the best resources possible.. Just as importantly, we're fueled by the opportunity to bring our candidates exciting career challenges.  Below you'll find quotes and testimonials from Willory clients. 


Holly was amazing! She worked well with me to tailor make the content for our particular religious environment. She was friendly, and explained all of the concepts well and answered any questions that arose. She also had a very friendly engagement with those who shared their personal experiences with harassment. She kept to the time span that was given to her and made sure all questions and concerns were well addressed.

Services Used:  Consulting

Carrie Hudson, Assistant

Christine is a hard worker and goes above and beyond for the client. Many times she was up late past the typical 9-5 to assist with the project and jumped in when needed. I would recommend her for any client or any future projects with [our company], she was a valuable asset to our implementation.

Services Used:  Consulting

Megan Pettry, HRIS Manager

Willory came in to handle reports for UltiPro when one of our staff augmentation contractors failed to delivery. I was pleased with the quality of work produced by the team. Quality was high and John was right about needing the best to handle these types of reports.

Services Used:  Consulting

Jeff Kocsis, Associate Director

Our company is based out of NYC while much of our workforce is remote. Selecting HR staff through Willory, specifically a candidate based in Ohio, helped us keep our costs reasonable while offering the benefit of an experienced HR manager. The candidate we selected hit the ground running, is a self starter, and fits in with our culture.

Services Used:  Staff Augmentation

Anne Kirby, Vice President

During a previous acquisition, we needed to bring on board a temporary resource to support benefits integration and administration. The Willory team took the time to meet with me to understand our needs and identified someone quickly who had the skills and experience we needed. Ultimately that person was hired full time to support compliance. This wasn’t the first time they were able to provide interim resources for us quickly. Because of our experience, Willory has always a “go to” organization to help meet our staffing needs in HR and payroll. 

Services Used:  Staff Augmentation

Melissa Olmstead, VPHR

I’ve worked with Willory since its inception over ten years and look at Willory as a very special player, especially in the HR and payroll field. They’re our go-to firm because of their business acumen, which is critical in providing their services and exceptional delivery. Their fundamental way of doing business is very professional, ethical, and they deal with absolute integrity. Willory is among the best that I’ve ever dealt with, not just recently, but in my professional career.

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Services Used: Search

Joe Szafraniec, VPHR

Not only have I worked with Willory as a staffing and HR technology client, but I’ve referred Willory on services I didn’t offer when I ran my consulting practice. They are genuine folks, very competent individuals, and people I can trust. When I share recommendations for other companies, I want to have total confidence that they have the capabilities, the right mindset, and the ability to help. I have that confidence in Willory and they have always delivered. As a client, I have used their staffing and HR/payroll technology consulting services.

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Services Used: Search, HCM Consulting

Mark White, President & CEO

I appreciate our relationship and value the  experience that Willory brings to the work at Y.O.U. with Dayforce. Willory is a trustworthy partner whom I look to for client experience, technical expertise, and reliable project management. I find our consultant, Christine Peters,  to be thoughtful, curious, and detail-oriented, often willing to go above and beyond to resolve an issue or a technical question when it comes up.

Services Used: HR Consulting, HCM Consulting

Eric Lewis, Director, Organizational Performance & Strategic Initiatives

Working with Willory has been great. I am very pleased with the level of continued support and guidance I have received. Our consultant, Holly Hall,  has taken every thought and concern we discussed during our initial meeting and has applied that understanding to our projects thus providing our organization with invaluable information that will enhance our current policies and procedures. I look forward to working with Willory on our future projects.

Service Used: HR Consulting

Stephanie Brown, Human Resources Director

Christine Peters is a rock star.

She made the HRIS selection process seem easy.

  1. She knows HR process and technology
  2. She listened to us and determined our needs... even those we did not know that we had
  3. She was our advocate, she took all of the calls and handled all of the headaches
  4. She was able to convince my boss and peers that technology consultants could be trusted.

Service Used: Vendor Selection

Howard Pincham, Chief Information Officer


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Services Used: Search and HR Technology Consulting

“It’s time consuming to find the right person. Time we often don’t have as we’re self-insured and self-administered for all benefits and run an overall lean corporate structure. Willory talks with our hiring managers and really gets to know what we need so the person they ultimately bring us will not only be able to complete the tasks the job requires, but fit our culture with the prospects of becoming a long-term employee.”

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Services Used:  HR Technology Consulting

“We knew we needed help to make the right decision for long term and we needed it from an expert who knows these systems.”

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Services Used: HR Technology Consulting

“As a partner I know Willory will always deliver on their word and exceed our expectations as we strive to deliver the organization world-class payroll services.”

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Services Used: HR Technology Consulting

"Our organization had many ongoing issues with our HR technology. We weren’t sure whether or not we needed to switch vendors or fix what we had. That’s where Willory was able to assist us.”

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Services Used: Search, Staff Augmentation, HR Technology Consulting, and HR Consulting

Within just 24 hours Willory’s Team provided Amy with 3 resumes, and within a couple of days Amy found the right candidate for Chart’s immediate need. Because of the successful placement of the temporary role, Amy turned to Willory to assist with Chart’s long term needs. Amy described Willory’s Process of finding talent as “ridiculously quick.

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RUE 21

Services Used: HR Technology Consulting

"Willory sets itself apart from other recruiting agencies because they are able to deliver the right person, with the right skill set and the ability to integrate with the team, all within a reasonable rate."

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Services Used: Search and Staff Augmentation

"It starts with the effort Willory makes to understand our culture, our business model, how positions fit into the business, and the value the candidate should bring to the table. And they take that knowledge to pull from their network of qualified candidates. Willory has a knack for finding interesting, unique and qualified candidates in the HR & payroll space – regionally, Willory is extremely well-connect to this talent market in the region. Bottom line, Willory provides higher level candidates, and they’re the most effective firm I use in this space."

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Services Used: Search

"We will continue to use Willory because of their unique specialization,” explained Fantozzi-Welker, “but the real reasons I will continue to turn to Willory are more significant. They are different because of how genuine and concerned they are in finding the right person for us. They take the time to understand the pros and cons of candidates and how they fit specific needs. And finally, they don’t just find someone for us and move on, they continue to follow-up and show interest in making sure the candidate is continuing to meet my needs."

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