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A. Schulman

“As a partner I know Willory will always deliver on their word and exceed our expectations as we strive to deliver the organization world-class payroll services.”

Akron’s A. Schulman is an international supplier of high-performance plastic compounds, composites and resins recently acquired by LyondellBasell. The nature of its global business, diverse workforce and recent merger only deepened the organization’s payroll requirements and a critical need for a reliable partner to help meet the organization’s business requirements. This included its own HCM/payroll systems optimization and implementation.

Schulman engaged with Willory in early 2017, a decision Bob Fletcher, Senior Manager of North American Shared Services, now calls the best decision an organization can make.

Previous efforts to upgrade ADP Workforce Now version 2.0 to ADP’s current version had fallen short and missed go-live dates. This was largely due to the fact that the systems were complex and the effort was missing an adequate testing platform to aid in the transition. Thus, Fletcher changed the organization’s approach to one where they would treat the move as a new system altogether rather than an upgrade/optimization of an older system.

Unfortunately, Fletcher explains, the pivot found them without the internal staff to accomplish their goals, “…we lacked the resources, talent, and knowledge to do a payroll upgrade, let alone payroll implementation… we didn’t even have a payroll manager.”
In a bind with no payroll manager, no testing platform, no HCM expertise, and no way to go live with any new implementation A. Schulman was left needing to find a partner to oversee the optimization. Additionally, a temporary payroll manager was needed to understand A. Schulman’s payroll processes, so they could be simplified and streamlined as well as serve as an A. Schulman representative on the proposed implementation team.

Willory was selected from a mix of large consulting and boutique firms because of its demonstrated track record as well as the care and attention they provided past clients.

More specifically Fletcher explains, “We went with Willory because of the depth of the relationship we were able to have with leadership at the company and with our project team. They know payroll, ADP systems, and get things done.”

Upon completion of the HCM project, the organization realized an increase in efficiencies, reducing payroll groups by 67% and different earnings codes (across disparate databases) by 94%. The simplification in the coding system enabled accurate reports across systems for much-needed insights.

On the personnel side, the Willory partnership resulted in fewer employees taking half the time to process payroll than before implementation with less training and more accuracy.

Since implementation there have been zero payroll-associated errors and payroll reporting has improved dramatically.
Upon completion of the on-time, on-budget project, Fletcher maintains that “Willory is our go-to resource for HR and payroll staffing and HCM needs.” Now when questions arise in relation to the HCM system, they immediately call Willory, “I don’t even question the decision. I have complete trust that they’ll get the work done, when it’s needed, and for a fair number of hours.”

“As a partner I know Willory will always deliver on their word and exceed our expectations as we strive to deliver the organization world-class payroll services,” explains Fletcher.