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Acme Fresh Markets

As the workplace for 2,200 employees, Acme Fresh Markets hires many employees for its eighteen stores and corporate headquarters in Northeast Ohio. But when CFO Dave Hicks is looking for help with HR and/or payroll help, Acme has turned to Willory on several occasions to find both temporary and permanent employees.

Why would a self-described do-it-yourself organization outsource finding an employee? Hicks explains that “It’s time consuming to find the right person.  Time we often don’t have as we’re self-insured and self-administered for all benefits and run an overall lean corporate structure.  Willory  talks with our hiring managers and really gets to know what we need so the person they ultimately bring us will not only be able to complete the tasks the job requires, but fit our culture with the prospects of becoming a long-term employee.”
Acme has used other firms for similar positions before trying Willory, but none of the resources hired “stuck” as they just didn’t fit with the fast-paced, entrepreneurial culture of Acme Fresh Markets.

The most recent HR hire placed by Willory has proven so versatile and adaptable herself that she is helping across both the HR and payroll departments.

Hicks feels comfortable working with Willory because “They understand what’s important to me and my company. They take the time to understand what we need and we end up with a fit.”