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Mark White, President & CEO
HRPartners Consulting

"Not only have I worked with Willory as a staffing and HR technology client, but I’ve referred Willory on services I didn’t offer when I ran my consulting practice."

"Not only have I worked with Willory as a staffing and HR technology client, but I’ve referred Willory on services I didn’t offer when I ran my consulting practice. They are genuine folks, very competent individuals, and people I can trust. When I share recommendations for other companies, I want to have total confident that they have the capabilities, the right mindset, and the ability to help. I have that confidence in Willory and they have always delivered. As a client, I have used their staffing and HR/payroll technology consulting services.

Willory is really focused on the HR and payroll space, they don’t go outside of their wheelhouse to be everything to everyone. Willory has the expertise and specialty to help you in HR and payroll matters, including staffing and HR system selection and implementation.

Willory has empowered me to find the right fit candidate for an open HR manager role and with implementing a new HCM system to replace our payroll, learning management, and all HR systems. With this project, Willory provided us with a project manager that worked really well alongside our internal folks for an implementation that lasted about 6-8 months. Their guidance in best practices was invaluable to us and led to a very successful implementation.

They understand my business well enough to recommend candidates that we end up hiring. They know what we need, when we’re not finding it, and how to line us up with the right people. When Willory shares a candidate with you, they’ve taken the time to get to know their candidates, assess them for fit in terms of technical skills and cultural fit. Unlike other staffing agencies, it’s not about making the sale, but about ensuring a good fit for all involved.

Willory is special because they know the space, they understand and support the HR community, and educate themselves on what is going on in HR and in the business world. They know the industry is changing and as a result are able to calibrate their searches and projects accordingly. They use their insider knowledge to really assess and identify candidates that are just a better fit for an organization.

When I think of Willory, I think of highly confident individuals that are experts in their respective fields, but they also work as a unified team to get the job done. They’re ethical people dedicated to doing the right thing and also focused on building and maintaining their culture.

They're also fun, great people and individual set outside of what they may be doing for you from a project or a staffing perspective that you just like to spend time with, and so whether it's a work event or whether it's a social event, fantastic people, individuals that I like to call, not only advisors, but friends as well."