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As a company whose goal is to be their “customers’ first choice” in an area of providing highly engineered advanced enabling materials, Materion Corporation is an industry leader whose product offerings include precious and non-precious specialty metals, precision optical filters, inorganic chemicals and powders, specialty coatings and engineered clad and plated metal systems. 

With an employee base that exceeds 3,000 and a HR & Payroll group that includes approximately 50 individuals, Materion considers Willory a worthy “first choice” for HR and Payroll staffing needs.

Joe Szafraniec, a division human resources executive at Materion, has relied on Willory and John Bernatovicz for more than a decade to deliver the right candidates – for both permanent and temporary assignments – in payroll, HR, and consulting. In essence, Joe explains that Materion uses Willory as an outsourced in-house recruiter – the advantage being they don’t have to commit to permanent head count. But when demand is high, Willory is flexible, responsive, and able to ratchet up activity to meet the business need.

The differentiators between Willory and other sources for HR & payroll help are numerous, explains Joe. “It starts with the effort Willory makes to understand our culture, our business model, how positions fit into the business, and the value the candidate should bring to the table. And they take that knowledge to pull from their network of qualified candidates. Willory has a knack for finding interesting, unique and qualified candidates in the HR & payroll space –Willory is extremely well-connected to this talent market. Bottom line, Willory provides higher level candidates, and they’re the most effective firm I use in this space.”

And as you might expect after a ten year relationship, Joe has developed a great affinity for Willory, “John is someone who I can trust, someone who has tremendous business acumen, and impeccable ethics. He says what he is going to do – and he does it. In today’s world, it is nice to have a partner whose word is gold.”