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University School

Sandie Fantozzi-Welker, Director of HR and Payroll at University School in Cleveland, turned to Willory in 2011 when she needed assistance taking her department from a one person shop to what would eventually be one and a half, two, and eventually more employees.

The challenges facing this position were numerous as she needed a candidate flexible enough to work part time (and a varying degree of part time hours weekly) and be amenable to growing into a full time employee. She also needed an individual who brought to the table the ability to be a generalist, not a specialist, had the ability to learn quickly and work independently, and had a background in working in an educational environment. Given the special needs she had, as well as lack of time to sift through hundreds of resumes that most likely would not contain one that fit her needs, Sandie turned to Willory to help.

Sandie explains that Willory took the time to understand who University Schools was, and their specific needs. Willory pulled from its extensive network of HR & payroll professionals to bring Sandie multiple qualified candidates, whittling it down to two for in-person interviews. This was a second try for Sandie in hiring this position, and this time around, Willory was able to deliver the ideal candidate to serve her and University School’s needs as payroll benefits administrator.

“We will continue to use Willory because of their unique specialization,” explained Fantozzi-Welker, “but the real reasons I will continue to turn to Willory are more significant. They are different because of how genuine and concerned they are in finding the right person for us. They take the time to understand the pros and cons of candidates and how they fit specific needs. And finally, they don’t just find someone for us and move on, they continue to follow-up and show interest in making sure the candidate is continuing to meet my needs.”