Willory Candidates

Beyond being the only staffing firm that specializes in HR and payroll positions, Willory is different in numerous ways from a typical recruiter.  We invest time in fostering relationships with our candidates. We want to make sure that we’re doing much more than checking boxes that candidate X has skills a, b, and c.  Our goal is to bring a hiring company the RIGHT talent rather than throwing a bunch of candidates at them and hoping one sticks.

Here are a few examples of what placed candidates had to say about working with Willory.

Angelica found herself in a new state, relocating for her husband to Ohio, leaving her jobless and seeking a new human resources role.  Willory took the time to understand her background and skills, and was able to place her in a temporary (9 month) consulting position as a Human Resources Administrator.   The plan was for this temp assignment to lead to an offer for a full-time permanent role, which ended up being as a Training & Development Specialist within the company’s newly formed training department.
Says Angelica, “It was immediately clear to me that Willory, a specialist rather than a generalist, understood the role they were looking to help fill, and what a candidate would need to be successful in the role.”

“Throughout the entire process, from initial call to salary negotiations, Willory was great to work with – their communication with me was excellent as they helped make sure I was able to accurately present who I was, and what I had to offer. The best part? They found me a position that really met what I wanted.”

Angelica had never worked with a recruiter before, and admittedly she tended to steer clear of them as a rule – but she’s happy to have found Willory was the exception.

Sally has been working with Willory since its inception, referring friends and colleagues when she comes across qualified candidates in the HR and payroll world. But it wasn’t until recently that she found herself utilizing Willory’s placement services.
With a deep background in HRIS, Sally happened to be a perfect candidate for an HRIS consulting position that opened up.  Willory, knowing Sally’s skillset knew right away that this was an opportunity she should be introduced into.

Granted, Sally and Willory have a long history together, Sally appreciates the ability to be completely open and honest with Willory and that the “trust levels you can build with Willory are more than you can have with any recruiter that does not know the space… or know and care about their candidates.”

“During the process, the preparation provided by Willory was excellent. They prepared me to help ensure that the conversations I had with the hiring company focused on my talents, experience, and how I can add value. Willory helped prepare me in a way that I have never had from a recruiter.”

Sara first came across Willory when Jamie Rugh reached out to discuss Sara’s background. There was no job at the time, but Jamie found and recognized the skills that Sara had to offer and figured (correctly) that it would only be a matter of time until a match presented itself.

“A lot of recruiters are typically focused on getting their quota for interviews more so than finding the right fit for candidate and company,” explains Sara who has worked with several recruiters in her career. “With other recruiters, you get a call and a few questions before they ask if they can submit your resume. With Willory, they take the time to get to know you and understand if this position is right for you in terms of interest, career path, and culture.  While Willory is trying to make a successful match, other recruiters are simply ‘checking the box’ figuring if they throw enough candidates at a company, one of them will work out.  Willory knows the ins and outs of each job, so they know who they should present to the hiring company.”

Willory found Sara a HRIS assignment that required relocation. The team helped Sara through the entire transition. “They really care about their candidates – they go above and beyond and it feels like I’ve created a long term partner and friend that will be there for me throughout my career.”