Headshot of Cristi Hornick, Willory staffing manager, wearing a pink shirt

Cristi Hornick

Staffing Manager

Joining the Willory team in August 2018, Cristi’s roles and responsibilities are focused on ensuring the best candidate experience by having deep knowledge of our open job openings and the candidates best aligned with those roles. Her primary goal is to help candidates learn from the job search process.

Cristi earned her bachelor’s degree from Franklin University (Columbus, OH) in employee assistance counseling while working for the university full-time as a student services assistant, communications assistant, and enrollment coordinator. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in business psychology. Prior to working with Willory, Cristi recruited for a series of disciplines, including pharmaceutical sales, administrative, and management, and sales. She also has considerable experience in the non-profit sector, where her focus has been on improving the foster care system.

As a single mother of seven children, working remotely has been a great match. According to Cristi, “working from home has allowed me to literally have it all. I get to do both of the things that I love.” When she’s not focused on recruiting HR and payroll roles for Willory, she likes to volunteer at her kids’ schools or spending time with them outside. Cristi is goal-oriented, working hard to achieve the goals she sets for herself, personally and professionally. As a result, last year she even went skydiving.

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