The Ingredients of a Good Manager

I’m sure you’ve noticed there’s a difference between good managers and bad ones. If you’re a manager yourself, or are looking to hire one, you probably want to know what separates the great from the good… or even the mediocre. Here’s a list of some characteristics to look for.

Communication – A manager is responsible for delegating tasks, making sure their team members know what to do and when it needs to be done by. A good manager is able to communicate effectively, whether they’re writing or giving verbal instructions. He/she will have clear instructions that their team members can follow, to promote optimum efficiency and teamwork. A good manager will be a conduit of information between employees and upper management, strengthening the entire organization.

Leadership skills – This may seem a little obvious, but a good manager needs to be able to take charge and direct others. Without the manager taking an active leadership role, the team will fall apart. Managers need to be in control and command respect so the team operates effectively.

Organization – Chances are your manager is going to need to balance many different tasks and schedules. Make sure your potential management hire has a proven track record of multitasking effectively.

Optimism – A positive attitude from a manager typically influences the whole team’s spirits. A manager needs to be able to put whatever problems they have aside, and act in a cheerful manner with team members and patrons. A good sense of humor always helps!

Be a People Person – Managers need to be able to read people so they can understand how to relate to their team. This skill allows them to diffuse tense situations between team members or patrons.

Team Building – A good manager wants his/her team members to succeed. They will celebrate their team member’s accomplishments, instead of their own. They also tend to build team spirit and cooperation rather than encouraging an unhealthy level of competition.

Flexibility – The only constant in life is change. A good manager is going to be able to change with the situations. They’ll be able to figure out a solution that works out best for everyone when a problem arises. Flexibility allows ruffled feathers to be soothed, and everyone to walk away content.

Some people are better suited for a managerial position. It may be hard to determine if someone is perfect for the opportunity, but trust that Willory can help you find the right manager for any situation because we are the premier HR and payroll staffing firm in Ohio.


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