Willory is committed to the ongoing education of the payroll and human resources community. As part of this commitment we will be producing ongoing webinars with subject matter experts. It is our plan through this endeavor to provide quality information that helps to elevate the education and careers of the candidates and clients we work with. If you have any questions about webinars, please contact bridgette@willory.com.

The Pros and Cons of Becoming a Contractor-for-Hire

More and more people are away from salaried positions and taking up being an HR & payroll contractor. What used to be considered crazy and/or risky is becoming a trend as Fast Company projects 40% of all workers in three short years will be contractors.

Is this just happening because that’s the way the market is evolving… or is this a cash-rich train you need to examine?

In one short hour Willory will hold a webinar help you decide if contracting as your full time job is a better path than the one you’re taking now. We’ll review…

1. The current landscape and demand for contractors – specifically what roles
2. The financial implications of contracting
3. The give and takes for your personal life as well as the types of people that thrive most as contractors
4. How to sell yourself as a contractor
5. Lessons learned from a contract consultant

REGISTER AT https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2487466220600657409.


December 20, 2016: What now? HR and payroll in 2017

Host: Bridgette Klein, Marketing Coordinator, Willory
Presenters: John Bernatovicz, Founder and President, Willory | Lisa (Dean) Mamula, Director of Client Relations, Willory

July 12, 2016: What to do about the DOL’s Final Rule on Overtime Compensation

Host: Bridgette Klein, Marketing Coordinator, Willory
Presenters: David Vance, Labor & Employment Attorney, Zashin & Rich | Holly Hall, HR Consultant, Willory

DOL Webinar PowerPoint final