ABH: Always Be Hunting for Your Next Employee

“Passive headhunting” is a term that describes the process of recruiting potential employees that either already have a job.. building a bench of candidates for when you’re ready to hire. Long term, these are prime candidates for recruitment.

Recruiting a new hire that already has a job can be tricky. How do you track the candidate efficiently? What kind of job are they looking for and will you have those needs in the near term? How do you get them to make a move?

That’s where a recruiting company like Willory comes in. As we build our relationships and a reserve of qualified candidates, we do the job of passive headhunting. We know the best candidates, their availability, and what it will take to make them available to join your HR or payroll staff.  They also know the best way to market the opening to get the best candidates for your company. There’s no need to sort through endless resumes to fill a position as Willory makes sure that when you’re ready, we’re ready. We do the passive recruiting/headhunting for you. So keep using LinkedIn and collecting business cards, but know that we’ve got you covered.

The passive recruitment process that Willory undertakes will bring the best hires in the industry—not just the job market—into your company. The fees spent on a recruitment company are pennies in comparison to the profits the right hire can bring into your company. And a good recruiting company—like Willory—will offer a variety of services to fit into whatever budget you have.


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