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Candidate FAQ

  • How do I apply?

    We offer two ways to apply: apply to a specific job opening or submit your resume to be considered for an array of openings. Please have your resume ready when submitting your application. You do not need to send a cover letter. One of our staffing team members will reach out to you if you’re a fit for our requirements.

  • What types of jobs can I expect to find through Willory?

    The short answer: HR and payroll roles. The long answer: a wide variety of roles under the scope of HR and payroll, including contract recruiters, compensation & benefits positions, payroll professionals, and senior leadership.

  • What type of preparation do you offer applicants?

    We’re here to assist you with every step of the interview process – from ensuring your resume is set up to convey your experience in the best way, preparing for interviews, managing offer expectations, assisting with negotiations, and providing you resources upon hiring.

  • On average, how long do people hold temporary positions?

    Temporary roles can be anywhere from six weeks to an ongoing commitment upwards of 12+ months.

  • Why should I work with a staffing agency?

    At Willory, our focus is aligning world-class candidates with the organizations that will support them. We help people through a limited number of candidate submissions, interview preparation/coordination, and negotiations.

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Employer FAQ

  • What HR services does Willory provide?

    At our core, we ensure organizations have the right people and the right resources. We focus in staffing and consulting for HR and payroll. Our staffing team is here to help you find the best fit for your open HR positions and payroll positions – whether that’s temporary staff augmentation, contract, or direct-hire search openings. Our consulting practice primarily focuses on your organization’s use of HR technology, but that can take many different forms.

  • What is the benefit of working with Willory?

    By working with Willory, not only will you have a team of experts supporting you, but you’ll be working with a team that is here to empower you and your organization. We believe in finding the right fit and the right resources for every project.

  • What industries do you specialize in?

    We love working with clients in all industries! That being said, we have found that many of our clients are in manufacturing, retail, education, and healthcare. Even if you’re a different industry, we’re confident that our team can help you empower people through your HR and payroll people, processes, and technology.

  • What geographies do you service?

    Our HR and payroll consultants serve clients across the United States and we have select clients who are global. We would love to discuss your consulting needs and see if we have consultants that are experienced in the locations your organization serves. For our HR and payroll staffing services, we primarily focus on Northeast and Central Ohio. We have a robust network of dedicated HR and payroll professionals in these areas that we align with our clients’ needs. However, if you’re looking for a remote or direct-hire roles outside of Ohio, we are happy to discuss your needs and how we might best serve your organization.

  • How is the scope of a consulting project determined?

    Through intentional conversations between our team and yours we’re able to develop a consulting project scope focused on your goals and challenges. Our initial conversations will uncover your business goals, challenges, and what is/isn’t in scope of your project. We will share the scope and statements of work during the contract process and collaborate on any changes you would like to see before contracts are signed.

  • Can Willory provide support remotely?

    Willory has been working remotely since our founding in 2010 and our team members are experts at managing through virtual engagements. Our consulting team is spread across the United States and takes on projects in a wide variety of locations. Our staffing team’s primary focus is in Northeast and Central Ohio but has capabilities across the nation.

  • Who pays the employees?

    For temporary, contract, fractional, and consulting engagements with Willory, the employee is on our payroll. This means that Willory will take care of the appropriate tax withholdings, direct deposits, and other payroll activities. Depending on the project, you will be invoiced for their time hourly, for set hours each week, or by the project. When working with Willory in a direct-hire search capacity, we will assist you in candidate selection and negotiations, but the employee will be on your payroll.

  • How many years of experience does the Willory team have?

    The Willory team has in-depth experience in all facets of HR and payroll. We have team members with backgrounds in corporate, non-profit, and technology industries. Our team is credentialed in HR, payroll, project management, and technology-specific certifications.

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