Expense reimbursement schemes can be a significant issue for many organizations. Fraudulent expenses are often approved and paid without being detected by managers, the accounting department, or payroll. These pay outs of fraudulent expenses directly impact the bottom line of an organization.... Read more
Payroll fraud and its prevention should be a significant concern for organizations because a single instance of fraud can average up to $70,000 and are often over three years. Additionally, small businesses are about twice as likely to experience payroll fraud as companies with more than 100 employees.... Read more
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Changes may be coming to the way employers are required to withhold municipal taxes for their Ohio employees. We know unemployment fraud and FLSA changes are hot topics right now, and I imagine this will be as well. This matter is incredibly important for those involved in processing payroll.... Read more
Effective today, May 6, 2021, the US Department of Labor has withdrawn the Independent Contractor Status Rule to maintain workers’ rights to the minimum wage and overtime compensation protection.... Read more
Many of my HR colleagues may already be familiar with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) exemption classification requirement, which provides guidance on which positions are exempt from overtime under the FLSA. However, I have come across several organizations that are unaware of these requirements and classify everyone as exempt or have misinterpreted the classification requirements by focusing solely on the salary threshold. Let's review the facts about exemption classifications.... Read more
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