2013 Northern Ohio Human Resources Conference – I Just Want to Live While I’m Alive

From Bon Jovi tickets to Cirque Du Soleil stunts to Photo booths and Flash Mobs, the NOHRC was not your stereotypical Human Resources conference.

In contrast to all of these fun and surprising sparks of life at this Northeast Ohio Human Resources Conferences, what I did NOT find were dull speeches, irrelevant topics, disappointed attendees, bland food at lunchtime, disorganization, etc.

So, what DID I discover at the 2013 NOHRC event? Well I think it would be an understatement to say that March 8th was a great day for Northern Ohio Human Resources professionals, including the recruiting team at Willory as we had the pleasure of being an exhibitor. At our booth (GO #508!), you could personally find Willory’s Recruiting Manager, Bob Haas, none other than the President/Founder of our firm, John Bernatovicz, and myself. Our booth was easy to spot… it was the one jamming out to Bon Jovi, as our giveaway was of a pair of floor seats to the show.

We were also stuffing conference attendees’ bags with tchotchkes including Willory pens, pilsner glasses and Rubik’s cubes. Why a Rubik’s cube? Well, it’s simple really – think of all the possible combinations you get with this famous puzzle… yet there is only one perfect solution – just like the human resources hiring process.

John, Bob and I had the chance to not only network with over 100 HR professionals, but connect with them. We discussed any and every question they had around what Willory does and how Willory can help find the right candidate for a company looking for a human resources professional in Ohio to candidates looking for HR jobs in Ohio.

Amongst the high spirits in the Exhibition Hall and the opportunity to visit with 87 companies, there were countless other activities for attendees during the course of the day. Attendees had the opportunity to listen to a wonderful line up of speakers presenting on everything from How to Build a Rock Star Team to How to Build and Strengthen your Most Vital Relationships and How to Be a Rock Star in your Organization. In addition, attendees had the opportunity to attend informational sessions of their choice, including, Trends in Learning, Developing Women’s Leaders, Never Make Another Hiring, Promotion or Training Mistake Again, Key Metrics for Reporting Staffing Outcomes and Investigation Nightmares and How to Avoid Them, How Fear Disrupts Organization Rhythm, Managing Employee Benefits’ Cost in the Era of the Healthcare Reform, Using Recognition to Drive Employee Engagement, Building a Strategic and Tactically Legal Human Resources Department and Don’t Let Bad Hiring Decisions be an Intermission to your Rhythms of Success.

Overall, the 2013 NOHRC was bursting with over 800 smiling, friendly, lively and knowledgeable Human Resources’ professionals. My colleagues and I are truly appreciative and delighted to have been a part of the, at times, madness. I highly recommend attending the 2014 NOHRC; it’s Now or Never!


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