Do-It-Yourself Has Its Limits

For the most part, I’m pretty independent, which makes me a natural do-it-yourselfer.  I get satisfaction in seeing tasks through from start-to-finish (like planting grass seed and seeing it grow 10 days later).

But while I’m independent, I’m also a pragmatist. Sometimes I’m out of my element and I need help. Take for instance recently, as I’ve gotten back into running. With a few beat up pairs of shoes that may or may not have been used when planting grass and mowing, I was in need of a new pair of shoes. I needed a pair that would both fit my needs and prevent injury. After all, everyone has a different stride, foot shape and size, etc.

Not knowing what I needed, and realizing that the generalist at the big box sporting goods stores wouldn’t be able to advise me in a manner that would ensure a good fit, I sought a recommendation for a good running shoe store.

The people at this store didn’t just measure my foot – they observed me walking to understand where I needed more support, and they asked where I would be running, as shoes are different for trail running versus streets.  These people are pros–they know running and the shoes that work best for every type of situation and runner.

The salesperson answered my questions and led me step-by-step through the entire process. I left with a good pair of running shoes that I knew would do the job.

Willory isn’t a shoe company, and we don’t cater to runners. What we do know is Payroll and HR, inside and out. We are the experts and we can help both candidates and clients find the best fit. Why fumble around with something ill fitting, when you can take the time to find the perfect fit, custom tailored to your needs?

So when you want the best guidance, always ask the experts.


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