Don’t Cut Out This Middleman!

As a candidate, aligning yourself with the right recruiter can be the difference between finding the right career move and not finding anything at all. Unfortunately, many have experience that earns many recruiters the nickname “head hunter.” A head hunter is looking for a quick fit, a job and a resume come across their desk at the same time and they try and create a match. A good recruiter will never try and create a match, they will find one.

My advice for anyone in any industry, including Payroll, Human Resources or Accounting, would be to invest time in forming relationships with recruiters… avoid head hunters. How do you know the difference? The recruiter takes the time to understand you, what makes you tick, what motivates you, and the best culture and job fit. The headhunter? They run through the list of job requirements and try and check them off with your experience.
Think about it – if a recruiter is taking the time to understand you, they’ve taken the time to understand the hiring agent and the company culture – they will know rather quickly whether you are a fit. In other words, they won’t waste your time.

All that being said – if you have not worked with a head hunter or a recruiter – how should it work? Let’s say Company X needs to find a Payroll job in Ohio. Company X could spend time and money advertising, sorting through resumes, interviewing, and finding the best fit for the company. Or, Company X could use a staffing agency, such as Willory, that matches their candidates to the position Company X is looking to fill. The candidate found a job they love, and the client gets an employee qualified for the position, without too much effort on their part. The company then pays Willory a certain percentage of the employee’s salary, depending on the type of job. Different rates apply for temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire jobs. For temporary employees, Willory would assume any worker compensation risk, unemployment tax, and other taxes.

Recruiting companies, like Willory, provide clients with better qualified and pre-screened candidates, something you’d be unable to find using only newspaper ads or traditional methods. For the time it saves, and the better quality employees a firm can find, deciding whether or not to use a recruiting service is simple!

So what makes Willory different from all of the other recruiting companies (and head hunters)? Willory makes using a middleman an advantage. Clients give us job requirements, or ‘must haves.’ We have an extensive network of professionals in that field that qualify. Whether you’re looking to fill a Human Resources job in Ohio, or a Payroll Administrative position in Pennsylvania, Willory will select the best candidates for your position.

Candidates get a more personable touch. Willory knows exactly what each company is looking for, and can match candidates for a position that’s the perfect fit. Instead of using impersonal online applications, we will present you directly to your potential employer. Most of the time, your resume is handed to the hiring manager directly. You can easily find that ADP Business Analyst or Payroll job in Ohio. With all these benefits, what more can passive, or even an active, job seeker ask for?

Willory is passionate about finding the right match for you as a client or a candidate. We make the potentially confusing recruiting process simple and easy. So you can fill your position, and focus on growing your business.


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