Don’t Let Your Nose Grow, Pinocchio

You’re in a job interview at a HR Staffing firm in the Midwest. Competition is tough—you want an edge. But should you lie to get there? Your nose isn’t going to grow, and it could get you the job of your dreams. Sounds like the set up for a sitcom. Learn from the hi-jinks that would ensue—and avoid it.

You know how the sitcoms go. Character A lies. Character B asks a question. Character A must create a bigger lie to cover up the first lie. Repeat. Until everything blows up in Character A’s face and they’ve lost everything. Prevent the inevitable collapse before it happens, with honesty. Keep it realistic. Use personal examples…that actually happened to you. And the serious stuff? Felonies and firings and such? Be sure to stay honest.

Lying will create unrealistic expectations in your abilities. Saying you know all the ins and outs of the latest payroll program sounds good, until you have to use the program. Then trouble starts. So be honest about your skills and abilities. Show a capacity for learning new ones. Besides, employers are typically more impressed with honesty and enthusiasm.

Don’t lie on your resume either. There’s more proof with a resume—it’s often kept in your file, and could be referenced. References might cut the inflated resume to size by speaking the truth, and an employer (or someone at the Payroll Staffing firm) might get suspicious, costing you the job.

When job hunting, honesty is the best policy. A little lie in the interview can seriously hurt you later on. A company like Willory can help create a resume that is both truthful and positive, to help you get the job of your dreams, without lying.


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