Hold That Elevator; I Have an Interview!

You’re heading to the Human Resources Department, fresh and ready for a job interview. You press the up button on the elevator, heading to the proper floor. But the question is: are you prepared?  Here are some tips for your interview.

-Don’t be late. Do a dry run the day before, so you know the area. Have directions prepared or use a GPS. Arrive at least fifteen minutes early; punctuality is prized.
– Don’t skimp on preparation. Research the company and the interviewers so you can ask pertinent questions when prompted. Bring several copies of your resume (at least one for each interviewer).
– Dress professionally. No shorts, rips, tears, athletic gear, or jeans. Keep your bright socks at home, and make sure they match your shoes. Gentlemen, wear a tie. Ladies, keep your cleavage covered, and jewelry to a minimum. Try to wear power colors: black, navy, or grey.
– Smile and be courteous with everyone you meet. You never know who the interviewers will speak to about your presence (i.e. Secretaries, assistants, janitors, etc.).
– Don’t slouch, stay confident and poised.  Introduce yourself with a firm handshake. Make sure to keep eye contact throughout the interview. Don’t forget to smile and have enthusiasm about the potential job opportunity.
– Practice answers to typical questions, such as, “What strengths will you bring to the company?” and “Why are you interested in this job?” so you don’t rely on fillers like “um” and “ah.” Enunciate and speak clearly.
– Don’t say “no” when asked, “Do you have any questions?” Ask at least two, such as “Where do you see the company in five years” or “What skills and attributes do you value most in someone in this position?”
– Collect the interviewer’s business card so you have relevant contact information. Thank the interviewers for their time, and send a personal email or letter within twenty-four hours of the interview. Ask questions about the next step in the interview process, or how the interview went. Feedback is always useful in future interviews, even if you don’t get the job.

How is Willory different?  Willory prepares their candidates prior to each interview with clients. Candidates are personally given background information on the interviewers and the company, as well as a list of topics to focus on during the interview. Key preparation is highlighted and re-stressed in each candidate’s personal Interview Prep Document, created and distributed by Willory.

In your next interview, you’ll stand out to the Payroll Director. He’ll remember your smile, professional business attire, and well-thought out responses to his questions. Or the VP of Human Resources will be thankful you brought an extra copy of your resume for her assistant. She’ll appreciate your questions about her job and her company. So have confidence the next time you are heading up the elevator to the Human Resources Department. You have been properly prepared by Willory-HR & Payroll Solutions to have a memorable interview with your next employer.

What Makes us Different
Our Focus – No one will understand your requirements and the individual(s) you need better than Willory.
Our Team – Empowered to cater our services specifically to you and your needs.
Our Candidates – Our deep bench includes thousands of regionally and nationally vetted candidates, available for temporary and permanent help.
Our Clients – We only place our candidates within companies where we ourselves would work. Environments where our candidates will thrive.


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