Our O-C-P-P Takeaways

After shaking many hands, meeting so many great professionals in the payroll industry, and soaking our sore feet… we’re back from the Ohio Conference for Payroll Professionals (OCPP), and back at it, placing the most talented HR & payroll professionals in new and exciting opportunities.

But before our daily routines wipe away the memories, we wanted to share with you all – whether you attended or not – our major takeaways from the event. We encourage you if you attended to do the same in the comments below.

Here are the top “takeaways” from the Willory team…

  1. HR/Payroll professionals have to be sharp and stay on top of evolving compliance regulations as they tend to be a moving target in 2012.
  2. Paperless payroll is here to stay and the issues payroll professionals face during this transition are both interesting and complex. There were some great ideas on how to handle this transition, contact Bob Haas if you would like a few.
  3. The pending changes that could come with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will greatly impact payroll professionals – mainly with reporting requirements.
  4. When implementing a new way to handle multi-jurisdictional taxation, there is no instructional manual to address the issues you can face. Make sure you get with peers at a conference or in a trade meeting to bounce ideas around and share success stories.
  5. Employee policies and handbooks need to be continually updated to reflect the changing laws and regulations. If these policies are not continually updated and employees are not made aware of the changes, businesses can face lawsuits for accidents involving their communication devices and/or transportation.
  6. On the softer side, some advice for managers – don’t forget to tell your payroll professionals that he/she is doing a nice job.  Payroll is a thankless job, it’s up to you to thank them for the quality work they do.

Overall this was a great event and a chance to network with hundreds of payroll professionals. We had a chance to deepen our bench of payroll professionals to better serve our clients with the “best and brightest.”   If you missed it this year, we would encourage you to put it on your calendar for next.


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