Secure? Are You Sure?

secA recent study from Gallop reveals that while 58 percent of U.S. full- and part- time workers are completely satisfied with their job security – the question remains, what is wrong with the other two in five American workers? Are they paranoid or really in danger of losing their jobs?

They may be on to something as the end of a year and beginning of a new one sometimes comes businesses taking a step back, examining their accomplishments and misfires, and developing a new budget. Change tends to come every year, and like it or not – your employment status may be one of those changes.

And often change is in the air – it is not hard to see the signs if you are aware (not paranoid, but mindful), including:

Your “popularity” is waning.
Are you no longer invited to lunch by your boss or colleagues? Do people get quiet when you walk by? Do you get a sense that people are avoiding you?

Your workload is diminished.
This could be because there is less work to do or your boss has lost confidence in you. Either way, it’s not good.

You are being avoided.
If you have asked to get feedback or for the opportunity to present new ideas and you are constantly getting pushed off – your boss is either super busy (in which case you should be lending a hand) or you are on the chopping block and they are putting you off.

You are receiving direct signs that your boss isn’t happy.
Pay cuts, negative reviews, not receiving bonuses you’ve earned… your boss is giving you ample warning – what will you do with it?

You have a new boss.
Like it or not, your new boss may wish you were someone else – and they may have that someone else in mind. Try and ascertain where you stand and how you gel with your new manager.

If your gut is telling you something – you are probably right. Regardless, be proactive and get your own “plan B” in place just in case. Who knows, that plan B might be better than you could have imagined.


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