Taking Timeout To Discuss Fantasy Football

Wait for it… you will see plenty of stories next week about all of the “wasted” work time spent on fantasy football.  We see the same thing every spring with March Madness.

If you are in HR leadership, it is likely you’re asked for feedback on how to prevent fantasy football from being a giant time-suck in your company.

There are companies that forbid work time be spent on such divergent activities and actually block these websites.  Which is great except for the fact that everyone has a smart phone with an app that can get around your firewalls (unless you are blocking cellular coverage).

Another challenge, trying to completely shut down this activity can alienate and upset employees who most likely are already working more than the typical forty-hour work week.

When asked for a “position” on fantasy football, consider this – it can really create healthy bonds that can last year over year. Have your sales department play with clients.  And if a department is playing, have the boss participate if they can.  Played with the right perspective, and with minimal “trash talk,” company leagues can actually be a great team building exercise.

And what’s our position on fantasy football at Willory?  I would ask our owner, John, but he is heading to his draft soon with colleagues and clients.



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