The Benefits of a Wellness Program For Your Organization

willory wellnessStart a wellness program… everyone’s doing it. While that may be sufficient reason for a fifteen year old to do something, the question remains… why should implement one? What are the benefits that outweigh the investment? When executed correctly, these programs not only create employee goodwill and loyalty but they could actually save your company money.

Effective wellness programs have the ability to reduce company costs in a myriad of ways. Employees are able to take fewer sick days if they’re healthier, meaning less delays in projects and maybe even lower the company’s insurance costs.

A well-run wellness program can also increase employee productivity as healthier employees have higher energy and are more engaged. And as you know, engaged employees are the people you want. With this increased amount of energy, employees are more likely to achieve goals, make deadlines and improve customer support.

Having certain onsite programs also provide an option for a much needed ‘brain break’ during the day. It’s recommended that the average American take a break every 50-90 minutes and that the ideal length of a break is around 15-20 minutes. In combining this with a wellness program, you could create a walking group at key times of the day, allowing people to get out of their office chairs, get the blood flowing, and encourage engagement with their coworkers.

A wellness program can also assist your company with staying competitive in the market, help employee retention and boost morale. Top talent are looking at more than a salary and a title. Professionals are seeking companies who are engaged with their employees. They want to see effort being made to help the employees have a work-life balance. Even a small wellness program can impact someone’s decision to join a company.

Starting a wellness program doesn’t have to be difficult. The first thing you have to do is talk with your employees. Find out what their goals are. Don’t want to start a program that employees are not going to participate in. It has to be about their achievable goals. Once you have their goals you can start creating content and programs around those. Do you have several people who want to run a race? Create a daily running group.

About a year ago we started the Willory Wellness program for our internal employees. Currently we send out a monthly email with tips about improving our overall well-being, healthy food recipes, and work out tips. It allows the contributors to share what they’re passionate about and the readers to learn from coworkers.

Are you thinking about starting a wellness program? I’d love to hear your ideas and how it’s going. Comment below or email me at


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