John Bernatovicz

The Faces of HR

When I encouraged my team last year to come up with an idea to improve Willory and present in a “Shark Tank” style, I knew I would receive amazing ideas. Just over a year later two of these ideas have been completely implemented and are truly part of Willory. The first was our internal Willory Wellness program, but it’s the second one which has evolved into a major event for us.

We are dedicated to improving the HR & payroll communities. We want to work with our candidates and clients to elevate the quality of work in Northeast Ohio. It was this idea goal in mind that Lisa (Dean) Mamula recommended increasing our professional development efforts. Her idea has involved into #WilloryTraining, a series of professional development events we are dedicated to having several times a year.

After building a relationship with Kris Dunn at DisruptHR Cleveland in August 2015 we were able to work with him to lead our second training session on Monday, April 11, 2016. Kris is currently the Chief Human Resources Officer for Kinetix, a national RPO/recruiting firm based in Atlanta, and the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of The HR Capitalist and Fistful of Talent. Kris isn’t afraid to be transparent on his blogs and it’s that quality that has brought him significant attention for building a no-bull community.

In his opening, Kris makes the daring claim that he can take the entire HR community worldwide and can split it into nine distinct personas or faces. This claim is based on scientific data mostly, but also some observations. While the personas range everywhere from mall security guard to mentor to Gandhi, the basis of these personas is performance vs. potential or their knowledge level/career experience compared to their ability to innovate and drive change. Someone with a low knowledge level/career experience and low ability to drive change is a mall security guard, compared to a rookie, someone who has a low knowledge level/career experience and a high ability to innovate and drive change.

Take a look at this exclusive video and see if you can figure out which of the nine personas you are (Kris also mentions that this doesn’t just relate to HR people):


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