The Upside of Using a Staffing Firm

Somewhere along the line recruiters became known as “headhunters” and with that came some negative baggage. Headhunters are just looking to plug a hole with a “head.” At Willory, we never use the “h” word, even though I am in this article.

Willory helps with HR & payroll staffing needs – full time, part time, temporary or permanent. You could go it alone, post a job, and hope that the right candidate for you is looking for a job (the infamous post and wait method). But often, your “right” candidate is not looking for a position. A staffing firm should be plugged into the profession(s) they serve and be able to quickly come up with some ideas for your opening. In Willory’s case, we have relationships with professionals throughout the region in HR & payroll – many individuals who we classify as passive job seekers – professionals who are not looking, but would love to hear about their next perfect opportunity. How much is it worth to you to find an “A” employee for your HR or payroll opening versus a “B” or lesser candidate?

And how valuable is your time? Sourcing, qualifying, screening and interviewing takes time. A lot of time. And even when you find the right skillsets, candidates may not fit within your culture. If you treat a recruiter like Willory as a partner, we’re able to understand your culture and needs – and deliver prescreened, qualified candidates for you to choose from. We’re able to deliver a higher quality employee, faster.

We also provide our partners with consulting assistance within our specialty, HR & payroll. This provides you with the opportunity to have a flexible workforce during times your own HR/payroll staff cannot handle the project load. And because there are so many high-qualified professionals that prefer contract work to a full-time opportunity in 2015, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the level of support Willory’s consulting practice delivers.

Willory is the only recruiting firm that focuses solely on HR & payroll – not only saving you time, money and energy, but delivering top-level talent for your staffing and/or consulting needs.


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