What’s with all the rainbow unicorns?

If you follow us on social media or are attending OH SHRM Conference this week, you may have noticed an increase in rainbow unicorn-related marketing. Did it make you stop to wonder why on earth we’re doing something so drastically different from our normal marketing? The simple answer: it’s all to grab your attention.

But answers are rarely ever simple, are they?

While you will be able to find your fair share of unicorns (and cash!) at Booth 111 starting on Wednesday, the reality is rainbow unicorns represent much more than the dreams of young girls – they represent that sometimes we get so caught up in pursuing something that doesn’t actually exist…rainbow unicorns…that we forget to keep an eye out for reality. It’s what we at Willory call the “rainbow unicorn effect.”

The specific talent shortage created when hiring managers are searching to fill vacant positions, often previously held by Baby Boomers, by looking at past skills required and using dated recruiting strategies. The void can’t be filled by Gen Xers and Millennials, because they don’t want that same career path.

Does this sound familiar? It probably does, because 40% of companies are reporting talent shortages – and that means HR is feeling an increased burden to ensure the continued existence of our companies through finding the right talent.

It’s because of this pressure that we’ve created our newest service, Recruiting Analysis. It serves as a complement to our other services by taking an in-depth look at your recruiting strategies and providing you with a roadmap to attract top talent and increase employee retention. Or, if your needs are more on the temporary or direct hire, our HR and payroll staffing team is always ready to help align our deep bench of qualified resources with your job opening.

So, if you’re at OH SHRM, we’d love to see you at Booth 111. If not, we’re always happy to discuss our services.


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