Your Job Posting: Words Matter

wordsThe language used in your job postings may be hindering your ability to attract the best and brightest. In a tight labor market, like the HR & payroll market locally, you need to put your selling cap on along with your recruiting hat.

As the economy has improved there are less active candidates in the marketplace. You have to make your postings are not only seen, but are attractive to passive candidates. You have to entice them to start seeing themselves working for another organization.

Too often we see job postings that are simply a laundry list of requirements. That’s not a sound strategy or the type of posting that will attract the best applicants in the current HR/payroll landscape. You need take the time and effort into telling applicants why they should be interested in you.

Put yourself in HR/payroll applicants’ shoes – they want to see what you have to offer, things like:

  • The importance/significance of the HR/payroll role to your organization.
  • The ability to work autonomously as well as numerous opportunities to work with talented people.
  • The chance to work on a variety of HR/payroll tasks and initiatives.
  • The chance to develop skills and grow within the company.

The bottom line – if you are going it alone, you need to put yourself in the best position to attract top talent. If you’d like to put Willory to work, we specialize in HR & payroll and have a deep bench of candidates and consultants to fill your needs. When you tell us who you are looking for, we are able to find that person more effectively, even if they are not actively pursuing a job change. Good luck!


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