Are You Breaking Rules?

How do you hire? I must confess there was a time I really didn’t know how to verbalize how I hired. I knew that I tended to look for potential more than experience. The problem was, I frustrated myself and recruiters looking to fill my subordinate roles because I was in a – I’ll know it when I see it position with regards to candidates.

That was until I read “First, Break All the Rules,” written by the same folks from Gallup that published the popular “Strengths Finder.”  The book, which I am sure many of you are familiar with, which took Gallup’s experience with thousands of organizations across the globe and broke down the difference between an “A” employee and a “B” (or C, D or F for that matter).  It seems that no matter the position – be it top line managers or hourly employees – the ones hired based off their strengths and talents versus their experience are consistently better performers.

The book goes on to show how managers that get the most out of their employees – the ones with the most “A” players – are the ones who excel at leveraging each individual employee’s talent into performance.

I’m not sure how revolutionary this is but it certainly makes sense. Look back on your best employees, what did they all have in common? Did they all come to the table with all of the experience necessary to do the job? Or did they have the passion, potential, and strengths to grow into the job and beyond?

Personally, I look for passion… candidates who just can’t wait to use their talents to market. The team at Willory is uniquely adept at finding not only the candidates with the right amount of experience for your role, but the other intangibles to make them a top performer. How are you hiring? Let Willory help find your next “A” player.


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