Don’t Say Yes Immediately

You’ve gone through the application process… waited by the phone… taken interviews… waited by the phone… When you finally get that HR or payroll job offer, take a breath, pat yourself on the back, and take your time with an answer.  Even if you are 99.99% sure you want the job, don’t be afraid to say – “Before I take this HR/payroll job, it’s my turn to think, take a minute, and get back to you.”

Although it might feel like a bit of revenge on the entire process, it’s not, it’s about making sure the offer is what you want.

Is the compensation fair?  Are there milestones for you to achieve to advance? Is there a defined career path?  Is now the time to ask for three weeks of vacation instead of two?  After all of this time not having the upper hand, when you have the offer, you know you are the one they want – so don’t be afraid to ask because now the control is in your hands.

If you haven’t already, make sure you take the time to dig up information on the company from friends of friends, LinkedIn connections, and/or Glassdoor. Have serious conversations with peers in other organizations with the same role – what does their compensation look like? Is what you are being offered fair? Make sure you discuss the changes a new job means for the people closest to you. Remember that what changes in your life, can impact their life.

Ultimately, the job search process is so challenging and arduous it is hard to say no to an HR or payroll position when it is offered. But taking the wrong position in an organization that doesn’t fit or doesn’t value you will no doubt be a worse decision than saying “no.”

If you’re one of our candidates, we’re happy to discuss everything with you, in fact, I highly encourage you to talk things through with your recruiter. We can provide you with additional information on comparable jobs and help ensure you have the answers to your questions.

Regardless of what your answer is – take a few days – you’ve earned them.


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