John Bernatovicz

“Drop the Mic” At the End of Your Interview

mic2I am not sure where it started – but at some point in society when you make a strong point or tell a killer joke, you drop the microphone and walk out. Your point has been made – you cannot top yourself. So you exit on a high note.

Unfortunately, most candidates do the opposite as they wrap up an interview. Think about it, most interviews end with the standard employer asking “Do you have any questions for me?” Most often candidates follow up with tried-and true questions like “Why is this position open?” or “Why do you like working here?”

Yawn. I mean…they are “fine” questions you should ask, but why settle for fine? Almost everyone asks these questions – and you are there to impress and set yourself apart. So why not ask questions that will really dive into the prospective employer’s mindset and provide you with an opportunity to overcome any lingering concerns.

The next time you are asked whether you have any questions, try questions that shows not only your critical thinking, but set yourself apart.

  • Looking at the job and my experience, do you see any gaps in my qualifications?
  • Is there any area within my experience you think would make less than fully qualified for this position?
  • Has our time together left you with an impression of how I could fit within your organization from both a qualifications and cultural perspective?
  • Do you have any reservations in putting me in this position?
  • Have I accidentally said or done during today’s interview that’s inconsistent with your perfect candidate for this job?

Best case, your potential employer needs to process the question(s) and think about you as a serious candidate. Your question forces that. Scary? Maybe, but not if you are right for the job. You will be remembered and if you are a fit you are merely solidifying your position.

Asking these questions also demonstrates that you’re open to negative feedback and not afraid to take it and grow. And you are giving yourself a chance to close the sale in a professional manner.   You are dropping the mic.

These questions also help you clear up any misperceptions – it gives you a second chance to shore up concerns. Worst case, you get what so many candidates don’t get…closure. Plus you get answers on what you can do to obtain this or a job like it in the future.

As a candidate with Willory for any HR or payroll job we will always make sure you are prepared to take interviews where you will be able to apply these and other interview tips to close on your next best opportunity.


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