Four common interview mistakes you might be making

Saying something inappropriate or unprofessional might be the easiest way to blow an interview, but it’s not the only way. When interviewing, we’ve  found some common mistakes HR and payroll professionals make that might not be so obvious.  But they happen often and they’re not that hard to fix.


Everyone knows (hopefully) that you need to prepare for an HR or payroll position interview by researching the company and the interviewers. But what about your own stuff?

Do you have your major accomplishments applicable to the HR or payroll position ready and rehearsed to the point they don’t sound rehearsed? Do you know what your career goals are and why this position suits you?  Appearing like you don’t have your act together is one surefire way to end your interview process, even if you are the most qualified on paper. We hear from employers all the time that candidates that cannot provide specific examples in their HR or payroll interview damage their candidacy.


Everyone’s at least a little nervous in an HR or payroll interview.  If you aren’t nervous you probably don’t care about the job or are a bit too cocky for your own good. Don’t let your nervousness show by perspiring (never let them see you sweat), fidgeting, or stumbling through your answers. This is your first impression and you don’t want to appear like this HR or payroll opportunity is overwhelming you.  You were invited in for the interview, it’s not a fluke… seize the opportunity and be proud you got the meeting! Interview practice may sound silly or uncomfortable with your friends or family – but it really does help combat nerves and avoid stumbling through questions. It’s through that preparation you can find the perfect way to answer interview questions.


Hiring managers may not want a cheerleader, but they don’t want an Eeyore either. Be upbeat and enthusiastic in an interview.  Make the hiring manager think you want to be there, but not that you are desperate to be there. Appearing disinterested doesn’t come off as you playing hard to get – it comes across as you being hard to work with and not worth the trouble. If you can’t find it in you to be enthused in an interview, you probably are interviewing for the wrong company and/or position for you.


Dressing down doesn’t come across as cool and relaxed in an interview, it comes across as disinterested.  It appears as if you don’t care enough to go the extra mile and “clean up.” A safe strategy is to dress conservatively, such as a pantsuit or business attire.


When working with Willory for your next and dream HR or payroll opportunity we’ll be glad to coach you through each part of the process so you won’t find yourself Unemployed.


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