Hello From the Other Side

From the Eyes of a Recruiter to the Ears of the Employer

adhelloHello, it’s meI was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet… To go over everything

This song might be a tad creepy and self-indulgent to make my point… but it is beautifully sung. So I hope I can find a beautiful melody while I tell you some hard facts.

At first, no one likes the idea of paying a recruiting firm. But the benefits from hiring a firm are many, including driving down costs and saving you money in the long run. A recruiting firm can both speed up the hiring process and get you to say “hello” to that perfect candidate you may never find on your own.

Firms like Willory that specialize in a focused area of your hiring needs know the community, can quickly understand your needs, and create a match.

WE ARE…Time Makers
If your internal HR staff is struggling with finding great talent for your HR or payroll functions then your business can save time and be productive in other areas by handing these searches over. You don’t have to worry about whether our focus or the hours that it takes to uncover the right candidates will impact the other areas of your business. It is our job to take the burden off your plate – and whether it takes us 10 or 100 hours – get that star candidate working for you as soon as possible. The best recruiters are actually an extension of your own organization!

WE ARE…Dolla Dolla Savers
Yes, recruiters charge a fee for our services and no, we prefer not to go below the industry standard percentage, after all, it is our job to deliver you value. And unlike most areas of life, if we don’t or can’t deliver value, we don’t get paid. Try that with the cable company. Beyond the expense of searching through resumes and interviewing countless mediocre HR or payroll candidates, Willory saves you money by eliminating your organization’s costs of listing jobs, advertising via social media, and ultimately the time it would take internal hiring managers to recruit staff. And how much does the wrong hire cost? That’s what we are here to help you avoid.

WE ARE…Peacekeepers
Say hello to Willory and you will find yourself handing over the hassle. Gain the peace of mind that Willory will find the right talent for your organization, working diligently to search, sift, sort, screen and succeed in presenting you with viable candidates. While you focus on what you need to – your job.

WE ARE…Knowledge Providers
How much do you know about the position you are hiring? Your recruiter should know everything there is to know about the position. Our team is comprised of networking maniacs and HR/Payroll certification title holders (yes, even I have one). Willory knows what the market looks like, what the market is paying, who is active in the market and who is passive in the market. We have the ability to not only partner and collaborate with you on talent, fit and alignment, but Willory’s consulting side of the business can provide you with efficient and best practices in your HR and Payroll operations as well as help you deliver best-in-class preparation for the integration of your organization’s HCM systems. We have staffing and consulting subject matter experts standing by!

WE ARE…Willory
Say hello to Willory. Give us a shot… because unless we deliver value in the form of the absolute perfect fit for your HR and/or payroll opening(s), you literally have nothing to lose.



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