Interview Training Camp

tcampOur beloved Cavaliers open up training camp, getting prepared and tuned up for what will be a long, grinding season achieving what we hope is the ultimate prize. For HR and payroll job candidates, too often they jump into the interview without any preparation.

So as you go into your own campaign to find a new HR or payroll opportunity, take the following steps:

Make Sure Your Resume Tells the Right Story
Often we start with the basic resume and then just slap the most recent job information on top. That’s the easiest way to update a resume, but should your resume be built on a foundation that started with your first or second job? Your resume should show a progression and growth. It should tell the story that you’ve been building for this position – and you are ready to be interviewed. Remember, a resume doesn’t get you hired – it gets you an interview…hopefully.

Clean Up Your Social Media
We have talked about it in previous blogs, it may be controversial but most recruiters say they look at a candidate’s social profile – that includes internal HR and payroll recruiters. A good rule of thumb may be – what is on your social media profiles that you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see.

Make a List of “Helpers”
Look for referrals into companies you want to work with – who do you know and who can help? Make this list before you even look for jobs and reach out to them as many HR and payroll jobs are never even posted. At the same time, make sure your list of job sources includes online connections as well as your favorite HR and payroll recruiter, well your only HR and payroll recruiter – Willory.

Push Yourself
No matter where you are, employed, unemployed, one year or ten years into your HR and payroll career you need to keep growing. Continually seek out relevant professional development activities. Learning new technologies, attend workshops and conferences, get certified when it is applicable. All of these things will not only add to your ability to have comprehensive skills for a HR or payroll opportunity, but it shows your potential employer you continue to grow and develop. And if you are looking for educational opportunities, Willory is holding an event covering employment law on October 26th. This program is approved for 3.0 HRCi and pending SHRM recertification hours. For more details visit

And of course when you do obtain an interview for a HR or payroll opportunity either on your own or though Willory, make sure you step in the interview room having researched every aspect of the organization and prepared with thoughtful responses to anticipated questions. We’ve organized several of our past posts on interviewing and next steps in our Resources page.



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