Signs It Is Time to Move On

moveonWhether you’ve been with your position six years or six months, you know whether you are happy with your HR or payroll position.  You may have settled in and convinced yourself that you are happy – or content – because of a tough job market.  But for the HR or payroll position in 2014, you have options.  The job market is much better than it was even just a few short years ago.  But first, let’s look at some signs that it may be time to move on.

You hate your job
There’s a difference between paying your dues and working your way up and finding yourself in a position that you are constantly doing things you loathe.  Ask yourself… do you want your boss’ job?  If not, you are probably in the wrong company and maybe even in the wrong field.

You’re a square peg
Job satisfaction requires being in a position where you fit… culturally.  You may be okay with or even like your payroll or HR job, but if there is a disconnect between you and the team and/or the organization as a whole, you won’t be happy.  Ask yourself not if you like these people, but if your core values and your ideal work environment are a fit with your current place of HR/payroll employment.

You’re bored
Often a job that was great a few years ago ends up being a rut you are stuck in today.  If you aren’t challenged and you don’t see other opportunities within your organization or additional responsibilities you could take on that allow you to develop professionally, then it may be time to go.

Your job is making you unhealthy
There are times when we internalize – no matter how much we may try not to – our job and how we feel about ourselves. If you are in a job that is making you mentally depressed or physically ill, it is time to make some changes.

The company is “shaky”
You know the signs.  If you are in payroll or HR, you can often see the signs coming way before your colleagues in other departments.  If it is truly only a “matter of time,” be proactive and secure a new position as soon as possible.

It’s always easier to land a job when you have a job, so before you jump ship, try and make inroads on your job search.  No one is more plugged in to the HR and payroll opportunities within Ohio and the Midwest, than Willory, so be sure to reach out and we’ll help you make that change.


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