Six Notable Willory Moments

  1. Day One

Early Willory logo

John remembers sitting at his desk on the first day Willory started thinking… “holy shit, I really did this – I have to make this work.” With two small kids and a stay-at-home wife, John put and continues to put everything he has into making Willory work… and work for the HR and payroll communities!


  1. Getting Out There

first-conferenceWe believe in being active in the human resources and payroll communities we serve. Part of this commitment includes attending conferences geared toward educating HR & payroll professionals. Today we typically send several attendees, encourage team members to speak, and have a fully-manned booth, but those early conferences saw an all hand’s on deck approach with all three employees working the Willory booth.



  1. Gaining Momentum

business growth and success chart - isolated over a white background

In 2012 Willory exceeded hit the $1M in revenue mark and would end the year with $2M in revenue. This momentum propelled Willory from a growing recruiting firm to a successful staffing and consulting organization.






  1. Acquiring THRD


In December 2013, Willory acquired the staffing arm of The Human Resources Department. Given the rise in demand for HR professionals, Willory made this move to deepen its industry-leading position as the definitive source for human resource & payroll temporary staffing, direct hire and consulting needs


  1. Expanding Consulting Capabilities

The summer of 2014 saw Willory continuing its commitment to HR and payroll by expanding our consulting capabilities. It took some time to find our exact niche, but Willory’s focus on HR/payroll operations and HCM systems, allows us to add extended and expert services to our clients. Today our consulting practice is thriving!


  1. 2016: Award Payoff


gh4-6-xlWillory has been receiving awards the past several years, but 2016 has been incredibly notable. In 2016, Willory was awarded spots on the Inc. 5000, NorthCoast 99, Cascade Capital Corp. Business Growth Award, and Weatherheard 100. These awards not only recognize Willory as profitable, but as one of the best organization to work for and with, both regionally and nationally.


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